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Edward Kennett


Edward Kennett


Date of Birth: 28th August 1986, Hastings, Sussex

British Career: (2001) Rye House, Mildenhall; (2002-03) Rye House, Rye House II, Eastbourne (2004) Eastbourne (2005) Rye House Poole, (2006) Rye House, Eastbourne (2007) Poole (2008) Eastbourne (2009-11) Coventry ((2012) Coventry (2013) Swindon, Berwick (2014) Birmingham, Rye House (2015-16) Lakeside, Rye House (2017) Poole, Rye House (2018) Rye House

Major Honours: British U21 Champion 2005, 2007

Club Honours: League Championship Winner 2005 (Rye House) 2010 (Coventry) Premier Trophy Winner 2005 (Rye House) Knock-Out Cup winner (2008 (Eastbourne)

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Richard Lawson


Richard Lawson


Date of Birth: 14th February 1986, Whitehaven, Cumbria

British Career: (2008) Redcar II, (2009) Workington, (2010) Workington, Wolverhampton, (2011) Workington, Peterborough, (2012) Workington (2013) Lakeside, Workington (2014) Lakeside, Redcar (2015-16) Lakeside, Glasgow, (2017) Somerset, Glasgow; (2018) Somerset, Lakeside.

Major Honours: Four-team Championship winner 2009 (Workington); Young Shield Winner; 2010 (Workington) Knock-Out Cup winner 2016 (Glasgow) 2018 (Somerset)

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Lewi Kerr


Lewi Kerr


Date of Birth: 25th March 1990 King’s Lynn, Norfolk

British Career: (2010-1) King’s Lynn II (2012) Plymouth, Somerset, King’s Lynn II; (2013-15); King’s Lynn, Newcastle; (2016) Lakeside, Ipswich, Scunthorpe; (2017) Poole, Somerset, Scunthorpe; (2018) King’s Lynn, Glasgow

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Alfie Bowtell


Alfie Bowtell


Date of Birth: 23rd January 1997 Chelmsford, Essex

British Career: (2015) Rye House (2016) Mildenhall (2017) Newcastle, Lakeside; (2018) Lakeside, Isle of Wight

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Georgie Wood


Georgie Wood


Date of Birth: 8th September 1993 Maidstone, Kent

British Career: (2015-16) Eastbourne; (2017-18) Sheffield, Eastbourne

Club Honours: National Trophy Winner 2015 (Eastbourne); Gold Cup Winner 2015 (Eastbourne); Knock-out Cup winner 2015 (Eastbourne); 2016 (Eastbourne); 2017 (Eastbourne); 2018 (Eastbourne); League Championship winner 2017 (Sheffield); 2018 (Eastbourne)


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Kyle Newman


Kyle Newman

Kyle Newman

Date of Birth: 14 December 1991, Poole, Dorset.

British Career: (2007-08) Weymouth; (2009) Bournemouth, Newport; (2010) Newport II, Birmingham; (2011) Newcastle, Poole, Dudley; (2012) Peterborough, Somerset; (2013) Somerset; (2014-16) Poole, Plymouth; (2017) Leicester, Poole, Ipswich; (2018) Leicester, Lakeside; (2019) Birmingham.

Major Honour: Queensland State Under-21 Champion: 2011.

Club Honours: League Championship winner: 2008 [Weymouth], 2009 [Bournemouth], 2011 [Poole], 2013 [Somerset], 2014 [Poole], 2015 [Poole]; Knock-Out Cup winner: 2009 [Bournemouth], 2013 [Somerset]; Premier Shield winner: 2011 [Newcastle]; Premier League Cup winner: 2012 [Somerset], Elite Shield winner: 2014 [Poole], 2015 [Poole], 2016 [Poole]; Four-Team Championship winner: 2016 [Plymouth].

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Jason Edwards


Jason Edwards

Jason-Edwards-Eastbourne Eagles

Date of Birth: 14 September 2002, Billericay, Essex.

British Career: (2018) Eastbourne; (2019) Mildenhall.

Club Honours: Knock-Out Cup winner: 2018 [Eastbourne]; League Championship winner: 2018 [Eastbourne].

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Ben Morley


Ben Morley


Date of Birth: 10th March 1994, Southend, Essex

British Career: (2009-2010) Rye House II; (2011) Rye House, Hackney; (2012) Rye House II (2013) Kent; (2014) Lakeside, Kent (2015) Redcar, Kent; (2016) Lakeside, Rye House. Rye House II) (2017) Rye House, Lakeside; (2018) Lakeside, Isle of Wight

Club Honours: Pairs Championship Winner: 2015 (Kent); National League Riders Champion 2015, 2018; Four Team Championship Winner 2016 (Rye House II)

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Tom Brennan


Tom Brennan


Date of Birth: 2nd July 2001 Swindon Wiltshire

British Career: (2017-18) Eastbourne

Major Honours: British 125cc Champion 2012; British 150cc Champion 2014; British 250cc Champion 2015; British 500cc Pairs Champion 2016

Club Honours: Knock-out Cup winner 2017 (Eastbourne); 2018 (Eastbourne) League Championship winner 2018 (Eastbourne)

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Team Managers

Will Pottinger

Will Pottinger

Trevor Geer

Trevor Geer

Race Jacket Sponsors

Huge thanks to the following supporters and brands for their individual sponsorship of the Eagles Race Jackets this season.

Race Jacket Sponsors

Race Jacket Sponsors

Kevin   Dean Tookey

Sponsor: Dean / Kevin Tookey

Kevin + Dean Tookey
Corporate Connection

Sponsor: Corporate Connection

Corporate Connection
Letitia Carter - Rowe

Sponsor: Letitia Carter - Rowe

Letitia Carter – Rowe
Daph   Peter Crummett

Sponsor: Peter Crummett

Daph + Peter Crummett
SP2A Speedway

Sponsor:SP2A Speedway

SP2A Speedway
Peter   Ann Holgate

Sponsor: Peter Holgate

Peter + Ann Holgate
Delia   James Cottenham

Sponsor:James Cottenham

Delia + James Cottenham

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