Meet the 2019 Eagles









Richard Lawson


Richard Lawson


Date of Birth: 14th February 1986, Whitehaven, Cumbria

British Career: (2008) Redcar II, (2009) Workington, (2010) Workington, Wolverhampton, (2011) Workington, Peterborough, (2012) Workington (2013) Lakeside, Workington (2014) Lakeside, Redcar (2015-16) Lakeside, Glasgow, (2017) Somerset, Glasgow; (2018) Somerset, Lakeside.

Major Honours: Four-team Championship winner 2009 (Workington); Young Shield Winner; 2010 (Workington) Knock-Out Cup winner 2016 (Glasgow) 2018 (Somerset)

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Edward Kennett


Edward Kennett


Date of Birth: 28th August 1986, Hastings, Sussex

British Career: (2001) Rye House, Mildenhall; (2002-03) Rye House, Rye House II, Eastbourne (2004) Eastbourne (2005) Rye House Poole, (2006) Rye House, Eastbourne (2007) Poole (2008) Eastbourne (2009-11) Coventry ((2012) Coventry (2013) Swindon, Berwick (2014) Birmingham, Rye House (2015-16) Lakeside, Rye House (2017) Poole, Rye House (2018) Rye House

Major Honours: British U21 Champion 2005, 2007

Club Honours: League Championship Winner 2005 (Rye House) 2010 (Coventry) Premier Trophy Winner 2005 (Rye House) Knock-Out Cup winner (2008 (Eastbourne)

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Lewi Kerr


Lewi Kerr


Date of Birth: 25th March 1990 King’s Lynn, Norfolk

British Career: (2010-1) King’s Lynn II (2012) Plymouth, Somerset, King’s Lynn II; (2013-15); King’s Lynn, Newcastle; (2016) Lakeside, Ipswich, Scunthorpe; (2017) Poole, Somerset, Scunthorpe; (2018) King’s Lynn, Glasgow

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Ben Morley


Ben Morley


Date of Birth: 10th March 1994, Southend, Essex

British Career: (2009-2010) Rye House II; (2011) Rye House, Hackney; (2012) Rye House II (2013) Kent; (2014) Lakeside, Kent (2015) Redcar, Kent; (2016) Lakeside, Rye House. Rye House II) (2017) Rye House, Lakeside; (2018) Lakeside, Isle of Wight

Club Honours: Pairs Championship Winner: 2015 (Kent); National League Riders Champion 2015, 2018; Four Team Championship Winner 2016 (Rye House II)

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Alfie Bowtell


Alfie Bowtell


Date of Birth: 23rd January 1997 Chelmsford, Essex

British Career: (2015) Rye House (2016) Mildenhall (2017) Newcastle, Lakeside; (2018) Lakeside, Isle of Wight

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Georgie Wood


Georgie Wood


Date of Birth: 8th September 1993 Maidstone, Kent

British Career: (2015-16) Eastbourne; (2017-18) Sheffield, Eastbourne

Club Honours: National Trophy Winner 2015 (Eastbourne); Gold Cup Winner 2015 (Eastbourne); Knock-out Cup winner 2015 (Eastbourne); 2016 (Eastbourne); 2017 (Eastbourne); 2018 (Eastbourne); League Championship winner 2017 (Sheffield); 2018 (Eastbourne)


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Tom Brennan


Tom Brennan


Date of Birth: 2nd July 2001 Swindon Wiltshire

British Career: (2017-18) Eastbourne

Major Honours: British 125cc Champion 2012; British 150cc Champion 2014; British 250cc Champion 2015; British 500cc Pairs Champion 2016

Club Honours: Knock-out Cup winner 2017 (Eastbourne); 2018 (Eastbourne) League Championship winner 2018 (Eastbourne)

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