Eagles Teambuilder


Teambuilder will launch in early June.

Initial Direct Debit payments will be taken from 1st July 2019, allowing plenty of time for Direct Debits to be set up with your Bank (this can take 14 working days in some instances).

The first draw will be on 15th July and the 15th of every subsequent month. All those whose payments have cleared on the 1st of each month and/or any who have joined from 1st of that month will be eligible to win the Monthly Draw.

Initial Direct Debit payments will be taken from 1st July 2019. We will also have the facility to accept payment using any Debit or Credit Card via the secure PayPal portal, or by Bank Transfer.

The legalities of the scheme require a dedicated Bank Account and Organisation to be set up by us and this will be called “Teambuilder Eastbourne Speedway” 

Teambuilder is a combination of 2 very popular and former Eastbourne Speedway traditions and in line with our “back to the future” project.

The aim is to build a Fund for the use of the Speedway Team and Riders and to offer a Regular and properly managed Lottery Type Draw.

We believe that the best way to get support to the Team or any specific Rider is by a properly managed Fund, the Fund Managers will have the clout to arrange the best possible deals with machine and equipment suppliers and where possible will but actual nuts and bolts or riding equipment, as opposed to passing on money, which as anyone in Speedway knows may not always be spent on equipment; that is a tradition that has gone on for decades.  

Teambuilder is aimed at individuals and/or groups who wish to support the Club but whose pocket may not stretch to the usual forms of advertising and sponsorship. It is also aimed at small Businesses or Groups who may wish to help the Team and Riders and it is possible for those who wish to do this to “opt out” of the Lottery element if they wish, ensuring all their proceeds benefit the Team and Riders. 

The Teambuilder combines the aims of the old RAAG – Rider Aid Action Group of the 1970’s / 1980’s and the 100 Club draw of the more recent past.



Teambuilder Payment Options


There are 3 payment options available:

A one-off payment of £10 on the first of any month to buy one Lottery Ticket for that month.

A regular monthly contribution (payable by Direct Debit / Standing Order / Regular PayPal type payment) of between £10 and £100 (in £10 units) will be allowed for individuals / Groups and Businesses.

A contribution to the Riders Fund only of any amount – one off or regular that can be arranged on request.

Each £10 contribution will be 1 unit – so £10 buys 1 unit in to the draw and £30 buys 3 units etc; up to a Maximum of £100 for 10 units.

The Proceeds will be split 50/50 between the RIDER AID/CLUB element and the LOTTERY ELEMENT.

A Draw will be held on the 15th of each month every month and the winners will be presented with Prizes on the Centre Green on the first meeting of each month after the 15th (by Recorded Delivery Post by 20th of the month in the Close Season).

Names of all winners will be posted on Club Website (every month) and in the Matchday Magazine/Programme (during the season) 



Teambuilder Committee


A dedicated Teambuilder Eastbourne Speedway Committee will be formed of a maximum number of 7 people – with a quorum of 5 required to attend a monthly Committee Meeting or to “dial in” during Close Season. 

A formal Committee and properly minuted meetings with formal Agenda will be set up as we are legally required to do. The name of the Promoter of the Lottery and Registration number will be issued in due Course and a copy of the required Certification will be available for public view on this website page from 1st July 2019.

The Committee will decide on Funding Requests from The Club Directors / Club Promoters and / or Team Riders as they are presented, all requests will be minuted and noted. 

The Committee will also oversee all Lottery Matters and the named Lottery Promoter will be a Committee Member.

If you are interested in applying to join the Committee please complete the Contact Box below with TEAMBUILDER COMMITTEE in the subject heading (an enquiry does not have any obligation on either side) 

If you are interested in subscribing to the TEAMBUILDER Programme further details will be available on this page soon and will also be announced via all Eastbourne Eagles Media Channels.

Contact us here



Programme Draw


There will be NO Rolling Raffle / Raffle Ticket Draw in 2019. 
(Any outstanding prizes regarding the previous Raffle have been resolved).
We prefer to have a PRIZE DRAW (in addition to TEAMBUILDER above) that will be simple, transparent, easy to operate and give an IMMEDIATE CASH PRIZE at every meeting.
The Programme Draw will require a Programme to be purchased to enter the Draw.
At each Home meeting the Programme will include a Random Prize Mechanism to award CASH PRIZE of not less than £100 to a single winner and at least 2 other Prizes NON CASH Prizes with a monetary value of not less than £25 each.
The PROGRAMME DRAW will be explained and announced in the INTERVAL of EVERY HOME MEETING and the winner invited immediately on to the Centre Green to receive their CASH PRIZE. 
The CASH PRIZE winner and the other Prize Winners will then be invited to have Photographs taken immediately after the Meeting with one of the Home Riders (if possible one of their choice). The Winners Photographs will be published across ALL Eastbourne Media Channels and in the Programme for the next Home Meeting.
Programmes are available on ENTRY to Arlington and from Selling Points around The Stadium.

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