Season Ticket / 10 Match Ticket Refund Update

A few weeks ago, we announced our intentions regarding 2020 Season Ticket + 10 Match Tickets.

We decided to offer 2 Options to all Season / 10 Match Ticket Holders in the light of the Global Covid 19 pandemic.

We still do not know if there will be any Speedway Racing in front of Crowds in the UK in 2020. 

The BSPA are working positively behind the scenes on various scenarios that would allow Racing to resume at some point. The only certainty is that any decision that would allow Speedway Racing to resume in the UK would have to come from Central Government and then would have to be implemented locally by Councils / NHS and then by Stadium Owners.

Since our last update a few positive signs have emerged. 

The ACU who oversee all Rider Licences have removed a universal suspension of all Licenses and from 1 June 2020 Riders can attend closed-door practise sessions under very strict guidelines and number (maximun 10) and specific approval and monitoring and a “Practise only License”.

At the time of writing only 3 Tracks have permission to do this (Leicester / Plymouth / Scunthorpe). There will be absolutely no General Public Admittance to these Events.

From 4 July (subject to Government making further easing of lockdown) the ACU will increase Practice/Training permissions and at some point after that will restore “Competition Licenses”. There is a view that no General Public will be admitted at this point as all sessions will remain “Closed” 

The ACU (who oversee the BSPA/SCB who regulate Speedway) and other Motor Sport Bodies have also set out Covid-19 Re-Start Regulations. One of these is that each Stadium must have a designated Covid-19 Officer who will be Authorised and Regulated.

As we are tenants of Arlington Stadium this is beyond the jurisdiction of Eastbourne Eagles Speedway but we are aware that a suitable Official is likely to be appointed by Spedeworth (who run Stock Cars at Arlington and a number of other bigger venues) who will cover all Covid 19 Safety requirements for the Stadium. 

We have conducted a detailed Survey of all Registered Club Members and have also issued a Survey to all Track and Match Day Staff and Volunteers, to fully understand issues and concerns about Health and Safety linked to Covid 19 as and when Speedway is allowed to take place with Crowds present. We plan to update all Supporters on these Surveys in about 3 weeks time. 

All Speedway Clubs have been asked to seek approval from the BSPA before issuing any Covid 19 related statements publicly. 

This update however is we consider to be private between us and our Season Ticket Holders so should not be released generally via Social Media or shared. 

We have tried to be fully transparent and open at all times and would again stress that for Speedway to be viable and to enable us to at least “break-even” there will have to be an allowance for Crowds of up to (or above) 1000 to be present.

If the Government were as an example to announce Crowd limits of 500, we could not run as it would be financial suicide. We would have to deduct around 100-120 Riders / Mechanics / Medical and Match Day Staff from the 500 figure, and the remaining 400 paying Spectators (who would include Season Ticket + 10 Match Ticket as priority) would see us lose in the region of £6000 – £8000 per Meeting.

That is the full picture as we know it today and should be used to inform your decision about what you wish to do regarding Season / 10 Match Tickets. 

The situation is evolving more rapidly across Europe than in the UK, where we seem to be 3-4 weeks behind the curve and still have far higher infection and death rates than the rest of the Continent.

However, it is possible that some Countries like Poland will allow Stadia to reopen to the public up to 25% of Capacity in about 3 weeks time, and it is logical to think that if that did NOT see a spike in Infections and Deaths about 3 weeks later that the rest of Europe may follow suit, and that we may be 4-6 weeks behind those. This would take us to sometime in mid August.

To reiterate the Season Ticket / 10 Match Ticket offer therefore is in the context of the very latest news and updates and gradual easing of UK Lockdown.

IF there is any Speedway at all in 2020 your Season Ticket and 10 Match Ticket WILL BE valid for all Matches in 2020.

It will automatically also transfer directly to 2021 and can be used in 2021 for ALL Matches (Season Tickets) and in the case of 10 Match Tickets – the first counted match that you attend will be the first one you come to in 2021 (2020 will therefore be FREE).

If you wish to KEEP YOUR 2020 / 2021 Season Ticket / 10 Match Ticket on this basis you do not need to do anything at all.

Simply come to the Stadium when we do race and when you do wish to attend and your Season / 10 Match Ticket WILL BE VALID.

If you chose this option we would thank you most sincerely for your continued and magnificent support, it is very much appreciated.

We do however appreciate that there may be Supporters who may be in financial hardship and/or who may have in the light of Covid 19 decided that Sporting Events with Crowds in 2020 or 2021 are not for them. We fully understand and appreciate that viewpoint.

If you are in this category we are able to Offer a FULL REFUND on your Season / 10 Match Ticket and all Refunds will be completed by Saturday 20th June 2020.

We will require you to contact us via the following contact form with the required information:

(Full Name and Address and Ticket number)

We will then send you a Form to Complete with your Bank Details and an SAE to return those with your 2020 Season Ticket / 10 Match Ticket. On receipt of those payment will be made to REFUND in Full.

    We would again assure all Supporters that any Season / 10 Match Tickets that may be subsequently be advertised and sold in the coming Winter will cost at least 15% more than the Season Tickets / 10 Match Tickets that you now have – to ensure that you have and retain optimum value for your investment in the Club.

    Thank you again for your on-going support for The Eagles, take care & stay safe.