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EAGLES TV in association with our Media Partner Marston’s, providing hottest heats from the 2021 season, along with Rider and Management interviews and historic meetings. All footage copyright of T2TV.

The Eagles v The Scorpions – Heat 15
The Eagles v Glasgow Tigers- Heat 15
The Eagles v The Monarchs – Heat 15
The Eagles v Kent Kings – Heat 15
The Eagles v The Pirates – Heat 15
The Eagles v The Pirates – Heat 1

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Historic Eagles TV

The Eagles v Leicester Lions – 2019
The Eagles v Somerset Rebels 2019
The Eagles v Redcar Bears – 2019
The Eagles v Leicester Lions KO Cup Q/F
The Eagles v Arena Essex Hammers – 2004
The Eagles v Belle Vue Aces 2005
The Eagles v Aces & The Witches – 2004
The Eagles v The Pirates 2004

Historic Eagles on Speedway Portal

To access the complete 2019 Eagles TV Channel, including 2018, 2017 and Historic channels click on the thumbnails below to launch the Eagles Speedway Portal channel.

Filming & Streaming Policy

The sport’s governing body for British League Racing in the UK provide strict guidelines regarding the use of uploaded online content which Eagles TV will be working within to bring the fans as much footage as possible, which will include the best race of the night from each home meeting, other races where possible and various action shots along with all the off track pits action, interviews and much more.  

Eagles TV will not be producing live streaming of meetings, and kindly reminds visitors to the Arlington Stadium that any live streaming or indeed all video recording during the meeting is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the management and will be monitored closely.  We want you to enjoy the live action as we work hard to capture it for you. 

No video, zoom or close range photography is permitted at Eastbourne Speedway , except by those with prior accreditation from the BSPA and/or the Promoter. The Promoter reserves the right to exclude anyone not complying with this Policy. This includes all forms of filming and also streaming, live or retrospectively on any form of Social Media or public platform, that do not have the required Consents. If anyone is found to be in breach of this Regulation they may be excluded from The Stadium and subject to legal action. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to film or video, please Contact us for the necessary Promoter accreditation. 

Any BSPA Accredited photographers should contact the Club prior to attending any Meeting in an Official Capacity; unless on the Eastbourne Staff Pass List; as numbers are strictly limited particularly in The Pits and Centre Green Areas. Entry may be refused to film in an Official Capacity; without Prior Approval from Eastbourne Eagles Ltd.