Advance Tickets – Terms & Conditions

“Following an instruction from Local Council received on Monday 17th May at 5.00pm FACE MASKS / COVERINGS will be compulsory in ALL Public and PIT Areas both INSIDE and OUTSIDE until further Notice. The only exemptions are those with “Medical Exemption and Under 10’s” 

This instruction supersedes any earlier Covid 19 Regulations referred to in our Terms and Conditions elsewhere and is in line with our transparent T+C guidance that “Covid 19 related regulations could change between the time of Ticket Purchase and the actual Event.

If the Face Mask ruling changes we will advise all Ticket Holders.

Under current guidelines if you are NOT prepared to wear a mask we would politely and respectfully suggest that you do not purchase a Ticket at this time. If you are happy to wear a Mask we’d love to see you and your support will be much appreciated.

With the high rate of Refunds requested from the Newcastle Match which have all been fulfilled; meaning that we have to cover the processing and admin Costs from our bottom line; and also the hidden costs of cancelling a Meeting at less than 48 hours notice (Printing Costs; late cancellation Insurance and Medical Costs etc) we have reluctantly decided to fall in to line with all other Clubs and to include the standard Processing / Admin Fees.

At a time of heavily restricted Crowds this is a decision we have taken very reluctantly but is standard for almost every other sport and entertainment ticket purchasing options that  we can find. Once we can return to unrestricted Crowds we will commit to returning to our earlier aspiration of covering all Processing and Admin Fees within the core price. We hope that you will understand our transparency and good intentions in this matter.

All of Eastbourne Eagles Speedway events are to be run whilst following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and spectator attendance will be restricted until further notice.

Please note that events are strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY!

Please note that all events will be strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY,  Face masks MUST BE WORN on entry to the stadium if required by Legislation.

As the Stadium is an “open space” masks must be worn or not at your discretion once inside the Stadium but MUST be worn on arrival.

Tickets will not be issued on the day. Failure to produce a valid ticket will cause you to be refused entrance to the stadium. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Tickets will be put on sale once any Fixtures are confirmed and can only be booked via our online ticketing system.

If you have a pre-purchased 2020 Season / 10 Match Pass it will be VALID for Entry by a dedicated Turnstile. If you are attending with anyone with a Match e-Ticket – they will have to enter via the allocated E-Ticket Gates

Please note that we WILL require a valid e-mail address and contact number when ordering your ticket(s) for us to be able to send your electronic tickets to you. (We can accept no responsibility if invalid email addresses are provided)

The Spectator Viewing Areas of the stadium may be restricted to defined areas.

Specific Seats cannot be pre-booked and will be strictly limited to be available within set social distancing guidelines and criteria. If Seated / Sitting you will be shown to your Seats by a Steward and will be socially distanced from anyone outside of your Group once seated. We will attempt to seat you in your preferred area but seating will be on a first come first served basis.

Please be aware that the Stadium will be segmented into the following areas:

Area 1:

Home Straight covered Stand and Stock Car Track and 1st / 2nd Bend Terracing

Area 2:

Back Straight Grandstand + Hailsham Bend 3rd / 4th Bend and Home Straight area from 4th Bend up to Turnstile Area

DISABLED – We have space for 5 Wheelchairs and nominated Carers – This is located in Area 1 – Please contact us at for further details

Once capacity is reached in any Area – Online Ticket Purchase option will be removed. Further Tickets may become available if Government Restrictions ease and will be advertised as and when they become available.

You must make your way to the designated Area on arrival and accept that you may be directed by a Steward to ensure optimum public safety.

Clearly defined walkways will be identified between Areas and will NOT be available for loitering or viewing under any circumstances to ensure fast and safe flow of spectators.

Clear Entry and Exit signage will be in place around the Stadium and to Toilet and Food/Beverage facilities.

All Toilet and Food/Drink areas will be closely stewarded and regularly cleaned & re-stocked to ensure Covid 19 safety compliance. 

Face Masks MUST be worn on arrival and when using Toilets and/or indoor Food + Drink under current Guidelines, this may be eased / amended by the date of the Event.

Some Food and Drink Facilities may have defined Entry and Exit Doors and strict limits on numbers inside at any one time, we ask for your cooperation at all times


A maximum of 6 tickets can be purchased per order.   Please see the Eagles site for the Admission pricing structures for Championship, National Development League and for Double Headers.

All Age restrictions should be applied as the date on which you purchase the Ticket and NOT the date on which the Event takes place.

– Children aged OVER 5 but under 16 will be charged at a reduced rate of £5.00.

– Children Under 5 are FREE but you must purchase a FREE Ticket for this age Group and signify how many children in this category are attending to enable us to manage numbers.

We will accept a maximum of 2 supporters under the age of 16 with each paying Adult.

(Specific exemption to this can be obtained if you wish to contact us at prior to purchasing Tickets)

When ordering your tickets you will go through the following process:

• Select the number of tickets & area you wish to purchase.

• Complete your details as specified within the process.

• Complete your payment details and order.

• Order will now be complete.

On completion you will receive an email to show what you have ordered. This is your e-ticket. It must be PRINTED if at all possible and brought with you on the Evening. You may also bring the Booking Confirmation on a suitable telephone or Tablet.

Once Booked and Purchased Tickets are NOT Transferable, as we have to ensure we have exact details of every Individual attending the Event.

The e-mail will arrive shortly after Booking is completed to your INBOX. If it is not in your INBOX please check your SPAM Folder. PLEASE ENSURE that you retain it until the date of the Event.

Stadium Security and Admin Staff will have a full list of everyone who has purchased an E -Ticket, this is to prevent Fraud or attempted Fraudulent duplication of e-tickets. Anyone found to be in breach of this protocol will be reported to the relevant Authorities without exception.

Stadium Access for all Riders; Mechanics; Officials; Invited Sponsors and Guests and BSPL/SCB Accredited Staff/Officials will be by prior Invitation and no exceptions will be made due to the strict Covid 19 and Local/National Government protocols. If you are in any doubt about current or past Passes that may or may not be valid, please contact immediately at for clarification.

No Passes/Tickets can be issued on the day of the Event. (Covid 19 Restrictions may change and ease and will be notified if that is the case). It is a vital compliance requirement that we maintain a 100% accurate and up to date Data List of everyone in attendance.

Please also be aware that FACE COVERINGS may be mandatory at this event for Entry to the Stadium and all persons should supply your own face covering. Under current guidelines as the Stadium is an “open space” masks can be worn or not at your discretion once inside the Stadium but MUST be worn on arrival. Masks MUST be worn at all times in any internal area such as Toilets and Bar / Food Outlets. (This protocol may be subject to change and easement by the date of the Event)

A limited supply of disposable Face coverings will be available for an added cost of £2.00 – exact money only and cash only – to be placed in a box to avoid cross contamination.

Failure to be wearing or purchasing a face covering will cause your entrance into the stadium to be refused and no refund will be issued. If you have Face Mask exemption you must provide evidence and make yourself known to a Steward / Security on arrival.

It is possible that you may be asked to wait in your Car for a period before being asked to access the Stadium in order to assist safe and compliant flows in and out of the Stadium. You should therefore arrive at least 40 minutes PRIOR to the Event and Park exactly where designated to facilitate this Covid 19 requirement. Failure to do so may result in you being denied access to the Stadium. We cannot guarantee access by the advertised start time to anyone arriving less than 30 minutes before the Event. (that will be 7.00pm on a Saturday and 3.00pm on a Sunday or similar for any Start Time that differs from the norm). Turnstiles and Access points will be OPENING and manned a minimum of 2 hours prior to the Event to optimise safe flow of all Spectators. 

All spectators once checked and admitted into the stadium must remain in the stadium. If you wish to leave the venue at any time you may do so, but re-admittance will not be permitted.

Whilst we appreciate this is a lot to understand everyone must abide by the stadium rules whilst at the event. Failure to do so will result in possible eviction from the stadium. These are NOT our Rules and Terms and Conditions; they are strictly laid down by the relevant Licensing Authorities.

It is absolutely vital that Eastbourne Speedway / Arlington Stadium adhere to all Regulations and Protocols to ensure our permission to stage Meetings is not rescinded for non-compliance. Your support in helping with this is very important as any Closure of the Stadium for non-compliance could mean the end of Speedway for the season at least and possibly for the foreseeable future.

Further details of Food and Drink outlets and protocols and Toilet and Washroom facilities and protocols will be pointed out on arrival, by clear Covid 19 compliant signage and regular PA System announcements. Designated STEWARDS will be in all areas of The Stadium to assist you.

The situation is very fluid and guidelines may change by decree of Central or local Government advice at any time.

This message does not guarantee the Meeting will occur, Fixtures will be advertised, and Ticket sold only when Fixtures are confirmed. Designated as the Official BSPL Fixture List dated Wednesday 17th February 2021 or subsequent Amendments to that Fixture List

In the Event of a Rain Off or late cancellation of a Meeting due to any Covid related Regulation changes NO REFUNDS will be issued immediately.

The Online Ticket MUST be retained and will become an e-voucher credit to attend the specific re-arranged Event or any subsequent Meeting in 2021.

There will be a procedure for anyone who cannot attend the specific re-arranged Meeting or a subsequent  Meeting in 2021 to apply for a special circumstances refund;  should a Rain Off or Covid 19 related situation arise.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Arlington Stadium


All e-Ticket Holders/ or main Purchaser WILL RECEIVE an e-mail update from Eastbourne Eagles Speedway at 12 noon on the day prior to the Event.

If you have purchased on behalf of a group it is important that you make your group aware of the information contained in the communication.

The intention of this mail will be to advise you of the following-:

Match Details and Teams and Start Time

Any important Weather or Travel Information relevant at the Time

Any changes / amendments or easements of CODIV 19 regulations applicable since you purchased your Ticket

These may include changes to Access, Food and Drink and Merchandise Availability and Changes to Car Parking and other Meeting Protocols

It will be very important and beneficial for you to update yourselves of these changes in advance of the specific Meeting.

A further Customer Survey will be issued 72 hours AFTER the Event so that we can seek to deal with any issues and to improve where possible your Customer Service Experience