A Question of Eagles Sport – Round 3 – Answers

Part of the Eagles on-going competition across our Social Media channels – the next round of ? A Question of #Eagles Sport ? is the “Home or Away” Round.

The Answers to the questions below, compiled by Paul Watson from our Media team, are worth one point for home, two points for away.

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Home Questions: (1 point per correct answer)

Q1. Which team flew away from Arlington in a huff after Danny got the bird?

Answer: King’s Lynn walked out of Arlington in April 2001 before the start of the match after Danny Bird was ruled ineligible. The Eagles completed the 15 heats unopposed to win 75-0.

Q2. In 2019 season, who was the last away rider to win a heat at Arlington?

Answer: Paco Castagna

Q3. What was notable about Kelly Moran’s debut for the Eagles in 1981.

Answer: He was late arriving at Arlington after jetting in that day from the USA. He failed to score in his two completed rides.

Q4. October 2, 2002 is a date that still rankles with many Eastbourne fans. Why?

Answer: Having topped the league, the Eagles met Wolverhampton in the first Elite League Play Off to decide the champions. Eastbourne lost 49-41 at Monmore but a 46-44 win at Arlington on that fateful autumn night was not enough to win the title.

Q5. Eastbourne were the Millennium champions in 2000 after defeating King’s Lynn at Arlington in a TV Saturday afternoon thriller. The title was secured by an Eagle heat winners in  heat 13. Who won that race for Eastbourne?

Answer: Joe Screen

Away Questions (2 points per correct answer)

Q1. Where did Dan the Man dethrone some monarchs?

Answer: Daniel Spiller scored paid 20 points for the Eagles at Central Park, Sittingbourne, as the Eagles beat Kent Kings 55-37 on August 17, 2015.

Q2. Who was Eastbourne’s last National Development League heat winner?

Answer: Mark Baseby in heat 2 at Stoke on October 28, 2018.

Q3. Eastbourne won the KO Cup in 2008 by beating Poole. They won the 1st leg at Arlington but what was the score in the 2nd leg at Wimborne Road?

Answer: 45-45

Q4. In 2017 at Mildenhall, in the KO Cup final 2nd leg, Charlie Saunders was officially listed to race at No 6 for Eastbourne. He didn’t ride. Who took his place?

Answer: Jason Edwards

Q5. Where was Alfie Bowtell when Eastbourne won their only away league match of the 2019 season?

Answer: He had been taken to hospital after crashing in heat 9 at Newcastle…at the completion of the race the Eagles were 33-21 adrift but a last heat 5-1 gave them a 47-43 win.

Original Image credits: Mike Hinves.