A Question of Eagles Sport – Rd 6 – Answers

Round 6, and another “Home or Away” quiz from the on-going ? A Question of #Eagles Sport ? competition across our Social Media channels.

The answers below are worth one point for home, two points for away. Thanks again to Paul Watson from our Media team, for compiling the questions.

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Home Questions: (1 point per correct answer)

Q1. This is the score chart from 2015 – our first National Trophy match at Arlington 3 – 3 – 3 – F. Who is the rider?

Answer: Kelsey Dugard

Q2. Who is the reigning Champion of Sussex?

Answer: Bradley Wilson-Dean

Q3. In 2015, all the following rode for Eastbourne. Which one is the odd one out? Bradley Wilson-Dean, David Mason, Marc Owen and Ben Hopwood

Answer: David Mason – the others all scored a maximum or paid maximum during the season.

Q4. There was a time when Eastbourne looked to Sweden when needing a new rider and often hollered: STEFAN. In 1995, there were three Stefans in the team – Messrs Danno and Andersson were two of them. Who was the third Stefan?

Answer: Stefan Ekberg

Q5. He’s a former British grass track champion. He won trophies with the Eagles with his dad often by his side in the pits. Who is it?

Answer: Richard Andrews

Away Questions (2 points per correct answer)

Q1. Martin Dugard topped the averages as the Eagles won the 2000 Elite League. It was part of a remarkable double that year for the Master of Arlington. What was his other notable achievement?

Answer: Martin Dugard was the first Brit to win the British GP on July 29 at Coventry.

Q2. Adam Ellis, our No 1, went 3-3-3-3-3 = 15 points. Our opponent’s No 1 – a former Eagle – went  FD, FD, FD, RS, RS = 0 points. Who was the rider who had this nightmare? (FD = fell disqualified; RS = replaced by reserve).

Answer: Daniel Halsey

Q3. In the same match, Niall Strudwick rode for the home team against the Eagles as did Alfie Bowtell and Connor Coles. Who were our opponents that day?

Answer:  Mildenhall

Q4.  Barney Kennett, then of Canterbury, went into speedway’s record books when he beat brother Gordon by the narrowest of margins in 1973 – but this win wasn’t on track. What happened?

Answer: Barney became the most expensive Division Two rider in a transfer deal when Hackney (promoted by Len Silver) bought Barney from Canterbury for a record transfer of £1,500.01. The odd penny was to beat the £1,500 Oxford had paid Eastbourne for Gordon.

Q5. David Norris, aged 16, made a stunning home debut against Stoke in August 1988 and scored paid ten points. His away debut was the following day. Where?

Answer: Exeter, where he won his first race.

Original Image credits: Mike Hinves.