Arlington opens up, as restrictions removed

Eastbourne Speedway take on table-topping Scunthorpe on Saturday (July 25) at Arlington Stadium with on-the-day, walk-up admissions welcome once again.

The match is again a double header with Kent the visitors for the following National Development League (NDL) match.

Tapes up at 6.30pm.

There will be no requirement to wear a mask, although use is encouraged within indoor parts of the stadium.

Fans will be able to access all spectator areas, including lavatories and bars, although queues will be monitored. There will be an outdoor track shop with limited stock.

These big changes are introduced as a result of the removal of most Covid-19 restrictions in England today (July 19).

However, with infections rising in East Sussex, there will be no access to the pits before or after the meeting.

Online booking remains. Card payment must be done via TryBooking in advance or in advance of entering the Stadium due to ongoing signal connectivity issues with Card Readers at the track this time of year.

So, pay by card in advance or on day or even from your car via TryBooking portal which will remain OPEN until start time.

FREE ACCESS for Under 12s (at time of booking / day of match) returns now restrictions eased

Online/card payment cost for double headers reduced to £18 ADULT / £16 concession (reduction of £6)

Cash payment costs for double headers reduced to £20 CASH / £18 concession (reduction of £4).

Child 12 – 16: £5

Children Under 12: FREE

On access, all children Under 12 will be given a 2021 SEASON FREE PASS for future fixtures with an added discount for accompanying adults.

There will be a further update on Wednesday for those holding rained off KENT NDL Fixture from 12 June to get £10 Discount off above prices so they will only have to pay the difference through a dedicated turnstile.

Director Ian Jordan explained: “We are delighted to see the Covid-19 restrictions eased and for the traditional CASH walk-up to return and also for the compulsory face covering restriction to be eased.

“Obviously, infection rates remain high, alerts from the useless Dido Harding App higher still, so we can only hope that restrictions don’t need to return.

“We have been delighted with the way the ONLINE TICKETING system has worked and in line with Spedeworth, who run Motorsports at Arlington and have a different online system, we wish to retain an ONLINE booking option.

“This is the best way to ensure a ticket should restrictions return in the next few weeks.

“In order to make ONLINE booking more attractive, we have REDUCED online pricing so that it is a cheaper alternative (even with a booking Fee) than a cash option.

“In terms of STANDALONE Championship Matches, whilst others have increased the cash payment amount and left the ONLINE booking payment static, we have decided to leave the CASH payment amount static and to REDUCE the ONLINE payment option, so that no one pays more and everyone has the opportunity to pay significantly less if booking online.

“The ONLINE booking system that requires a CARD also allows us to address the issues we have regularly had at Arlington with our Card Readers, with the signal often falling out.

“We will, therefore, use the ONLINE TryBooking system for ALL Card payments, either in advance, or before you set off, or even as an option to purchase your ticket in the car in the car park before entering.

“So whilst it will be cash walkup or Online Booking using a Card, we feel we have covered all bases.

“In respect of DOUBLE HEADER Matches, we have reduced the differential between Standalone Championship Matches and DOUBLE HEADERS to just £2.

“This also means that if booking ONLINE, the cost of a Double Header is the same as the CASH payment for a standalone card payment for a Championship match.

For this reason we have removed the “Refund if not staying for an NDL Match option as if supporters who want to use this facility pay ONLINE in advance, they will be paying the same rate as for the Double Header. If they pay Cash walk up, the extra will only be £2.

“When we add in the return of FREE ACCESS for all children under 12 and just £5 for those aged 12-16, we hope everyone will agree that this is great value.”

Club Officials are in discussions and plan to reduce the time-interval between CL and NDL fixture to around 20 minutes and some protocols are being changed to facilitate this on and off the track.

Jordan said: “We are aware of issues relating to the inordinate delays on Sunday with both in the Championship and NDL fixtures and especially in the transition between both.

“A detailed assessment is being undertaken and we remain committed to reducing the transition time to 20 minutes and have already identified how we think we can do this.”

The Seagulls expect to have Richard Andrews and Nathan Ablitt (subject to fitness test) back and available for the NDL fixtures at Belle Vue on Friday and Arlington on Saturday.

To purchase online tickets for the Double header, click on the image below.

Image Credits: Mike Hinves