Because The Eagles are worth it.

12.00pm update. Our thanks to Rich, Lewi & Trevor for modeling in our Worth it campaign on this April Fools Day. #staysafe

The Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles Commercial Team have not been idle in their search for new opportunities to increase the exposure of speedway, and to source new revenue streams.

Always eager to spot any advertising and sponsorship opportunity, Eagles bosses have targeted the Global Hair Product Company L’Oreal as a potential Sponsor, with the tie up providing blue and yellow hair colour kits for the Eagles to use.

A Club spokesman said ” We are always keen to explore new marketing angles and with the “finest head of hair in British Speedway” Richard Lawson (pictured) in our team we decided to look at areas of brand and sponsorship awareness that may be other teams in the sport had missed.

We will all remember the footballer Joe Hart advertising a Dandruff Shampoo and other similar hair placement adverts, but we think this is a first for Speedway”

“Based on our traditional Blue and Yellow branding, we know that all of the lads will wear their new hair colours proudly for the season starting today, although Lewis Kerr (pictured) was the hardest to convince.

We hope to have large amounts of free hair colour kits for the Team and our Fans to enjoy the “blue and yellow rinse experience”….

We are also delighted to report too that our Promoter and Team Manager Trevor Geer is so enthusiastic that he has been sporting his new look for a few days already”.


Original Image credits: Tiffani Graveling Photography Mike Hinves