Brennan hunts top flight spot

Eastbourne Eagle Tom Brennan is looking for an opportunity to ride on loan in UK Speedway’s top league, the Premiership.

He has been given permission by Eastbourne to seek a loan spot for 2020, should speedway resume after the Coronavirus lockdown.

It is possible some clubs may have gaps in their declared teams because foreign riders may not be able to enter the UK or decide not to come over for a truncated season.

Director of the Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles, Ian Jordan, said the club’s mission was to support British riders and whenever possible to field an all-British team.

He said: “A fundamental part of that medium and long-term plan will be to nurture and support young emerging club assets of our own like Tom and Jason (Edwards) and also assets of other clubs like Drew (Kemp) whilst they are with us.

“We are proud to help and support Tom in his Premiership aspirations in order to boost his development, which we believe will be helpful for Tom, for Eastbourne and for Team GB.”

Tom was coming into some excellent form at the time of sustaining his serious injury last season and has worked incredibly hard to both regain his race and overall physical fitness.

Eastbourne Speedway believe Tom is one of the outstanding young prospects in British and European Speedway and very much welcome the initiative and ambition he is showing in seeking to develop his career.

Jordan said Eastbourne Speedway’s aspiration was to consider returning to top-flight speedway, if and when the conditions were right for the club.

It would need to be financially viable, he said, and there would need to be a relaxation of the current Fixed Race Nights of Monday and Thursday which would preclude the Eagles racing on their favoured days of a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon/early evening.

Jordan added: “It would be a dream to consider that move to keep pace with the development of outstanding young club assets like Tom and Jason and is a long term aspiration.

“It is imperative though to stabilise and develop our brand over the next few years in the exciting and very competitive Championship League with our all British septet.

“From a personal perspective, as a sponsor of Tom via SP2A and SP2A Speedway and a passionate supporter of the great work being done by Rob and Vicky and all at Team GB at all levels, we hope to see Tom in PL action in the near future, be it in 2020 or 2021, and as a burgeoning talent with Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles.”

Image Credit: Mike Hinves