Brennan Injury Blow

Eagles star Tom Brennan has suffered a cruel injury blow on the eve of Sunday’s European Under-19 Final.

Brennan crashed on Thursday whilst practising at Wroclaw, Poland, and has sustained a broken collarbone, ruling him out of the big event in Slovakia.

An Eastbourne Spokesperson commented:

“We became aware yesterday evening that Tom had suffered an injury in Practice yesterday in Poland. 

We have waited for Neil (Vatcher) and the GB set up to make the formal announcement out of courtesy to everyone involved

We send Tom and his family and crew our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

We look forward to supporting Drew and Jason through the weekend together with our other British representatives Leon (Flint) and Jordan (Palin). 

It is desperately frustrating  for Tom to suffer such a setback at this important time.

We will update everyone on Tom’s injury when we have spoken to Tom and his family”. 

Image Credit: Mike Hinves