Community team go back to school

The Eastbourne Speedway “Experience” went on the road last Saturday (June 15) with a visit to Pevensey and Westham Primary School summer fete.

Club community team member David Rollison took along his bike – an important feature of the popular stadium tours which have attracted more than 1,000 people this season already. 

Many fete-goers were blown away to discover speedway bikes race at high speed with no brakes.

Earlier in the year a party from the school did the speedway tour at Arlington Stadium and the chairman of the PTA , Michael Hilton, was so impressed that he felt speedway would be a great addition to the fete.

It would be something new for many pupils and parents alike, even though the school is fewer than ten miles from Arlington Stadium.

The club was delighted to hand over two tickets to Mr Hilton for use as prizes in the raffle.

Dave Rollison said: “From this we’ve gained more exposure to people that had no idea what speedway was and two possible tour/stadium visits which are being arranged for Year 6 leavers and the PTA including their children. 

“There was also talk of another tour for pupils that could not make the first one as now they’ve seen the bike and listened to me, it’s ignited interest.”

Another attraction at the fete was Circus Pazaz whose members put on a great show but were blown away by the speedway experience.

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