David Norris is the Ultimate Eagle

David Norris is the Ultimate Eagle – chosen by the fans of Eastbourne Speedway.

David Norris

He holds the club record for the most points scored and the most meetings ridden – more than 5,100 points from 577 meetings.

Norris burst into the Eastbourne team as a 16 year old, scoring ten points on his debut.

He spent most of his career with the Arlington Stadium-based club with two spells away, – with Ipswich and one season at Reading.

Norris, who lives in Hailsham, topped the poll of supporters conducted by Eastbourne Speedway on its website.

Votes flooded in with Norris a clear winner, ahead of second placed Gordon Kennett, who lives at Bexhill, and Dane Nicki Pedersen.

Director of the HG Aerospace Eagles, Ian Jordan, said: “When we had a conference call about a month ago with the Media Team, the idea of “The Ultimate Eagle” was mooted and has proven to be a phenomenal success amongst supporters. 

“What has been most striking is the number of current supporters and the return of supporters to take part on social media, who were clearly passionate supporters in the past, but who seem to have fallen out of love with the sport.

“Hopefully, we can encourage them to return to Arlington when the sport recommences and to meet some of the heroes of the past – as well as the present – at the 90th Anniversary Meeting, and to hopefully rekindle their love and enthusiasm for Speedway.

“We had more than 300 initial entries from supporters naming their favourite team and their top 7 riders.

The top 7 poll attracted almost 1500 individual supporter votes and we have ensured no multiple entries by making it an IP restricted, confidential poll. 

“The fact that David (Floppy) Norris and Gordon Kennett are locally based in Hailsham and the Hastings area respectively, is a wonderful recognition of what has always made Eastbourne Speedway feel so homely and welcoming. 

“Add to that the fact that Nicki, a global star has come third, is recognition of the world class overseas riders who have graced the legendary blue and yellow of The Eagles.

“We cannot wait to stage our 90th Anniversary Meeting which we will combine with an invite to every former Eagle who can attend, and, at that time, it will be an absolute pleasure to have a few non-riding Eastbourne legends present to present the awards to Floppy, Gordon and hopefully Nicki. 

“With so much doubt and concern at the moment about Covid-19 and uncertainty about when the sport can return, we can announce that the 90th Anniversary / Ex Riders Reunion Meeting will be given pride of place in the first half of the 2021 season, to ensure maximum time to organise an unforgettable day, and to also give optimum time for Ex-Eagles to make plans to attend from around the globe and to be assured that everything is safe and practical for everyone.”

The final poll results were as follows:

Main image credit: Mike Hinves