Eagles delighted to confirm 2021 team

Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles have confirmed that following the announcement made this morning by the BSPL regarding Championship structures for 2021 that the declared 2020 team will be eligible to compete for the Club in 2021 and are delighted to announce that all have agreed to do so.

We can’t wait to start the season once Covid-19 restrictions allow.

A Club spokesman said: “We will study the finer detail of the new five-year plan and concept in due course, but as the only Club that initially declared an all-British side for the second successive season in 2020, we are delighted that we can continue with the continuity of our Project.

“We look forward as much as you are to seeing Drew, Edward, Jason, Kyle, Lewi, Richard and Tom in action later in the year.”

Image: Artist impression of P&P 2021. Original images Mike Hinves