Eagles v Lions Double Header tickets

Eastbourne Speedway has begun ticket sales for the visit to Arlington of defending champions Leicester on Sunday, July 18.

The Lions strengthened their team this morning, by signing former GP star Hans Andersen.

A second new face is also set to be introduced by the East Midlands team before they head to Sussex.

The fixture was put back a week so as to avoid a clash with the Euros football final on July 11.

Leicester’s visit will be a double header.

First up the HG Aerospace Eagles will take on the Leicester Lions in Championship action and then in the second-half the Eastbourne Seagulls, powered by Save Thurrock Hammers Speedway, take on the Leicester Lions Clubs for National Development League points.

Both the Lions and Lions Cubs are defending champions in their respective leagues.

Eastbourne have launched the following protocol for all Double Header Speedway meetings at Arlington that are Championship + NDL fixtures.

The NDL element is competitively priced at £6 extra for adults and concessions and retained child (under 15 and over 5) pricing at a flat £5.00.

The adult / concession variation remains at £2 less for concessions.

A club spokesperson said: “We appreciate that there will be some who may only wish to watch the Championship fixture.

“To facilitate this proactively, we have developed the following option.”

If you wish to leave after Heat 15 of the Championship fixture but BEFORE Heat 1 of the NDL fixture you can exit the Stadium via Gate 9. There will be NO re-admittance after you leave.

When you leave within this period you will be given an individually numbered REDUCTION Voucher for the £6 differential between CL only and Double Header (Adults and Concessions only).

If you present this £6 voucher at the turnstiles at any fixture after July 19, you will pay the reduced fee for any future CL, NDL or Double Header Fixture.

The voucher can be used at any 2021 fixture other than the 90th Anniversary Fixture on September 26.

The voucher will have NO CASH value and can only be used as a reduction for future fixtures.

Click on the image below to purchase tickets