Eastbourne BEN Fund Total/Eaglets News

The collection for the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund at Arlington Stadium last Saturday totalled £1,094.58 plus 2 Euros.

Eastbourne Speedway would like to thank everyone for their fantastic support and also the riders and officials of Somerset Speedway, the referee and Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles Riders for their assistance.

We have had a number of messages from supporters who had not got much cash and only payment cards, and some who were on holiday and wish to contribute.

A collection bucket will be in the stadium on Saturday, August 3, for our vital Championship Shield semi-final, second leg, clash with  Glasgow, for anyone who has not yet had chance to donate to do so.

We will be delighted to pass the proceeds on the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund (BEN) committee.

Eaglets’ bike and sports events have been put back to end of August meetings.

Last week we had to consider the weather and simply could not risk the track.

This coming Saturday we must focus entirely on The Championship Shield semi-final and the need of riders to get away quickly after racing because we are at Redcar with a 2pm the next day.

It means the team members would not be available to meet kids after the match, which we wanted to avoid.

We’ve also been made aware the significant numbers of Eaglets on annual family holidays last weekend and some this weekend. 

Watch website and Social Media regarding revised schedule for Sports and Cycling Events planned for meetings on Saturday 24th and Saturday 31st August.