Eastbourne Eagles Statement October 2021

It is unlikely that Eastbourne Speedway will be running in 2022, but we are excited to announce that plans are in place to return to ‘Fortress Arlington’ for league racing in 2023.

The BSPL has agreed to re-issue Trevor Geer with his Promoters license, based on the fact he had nothing to do with the financial instability that the club suffered this season.

Trevor has a team of people helping him to rebuild and raise the funds required to run in 2023. 

People have already come forward pledging support both hands on and financially and this is more than welcome.

To that end, any suggestions, offers of help or any other comments you would like to make, please email eastbourne.eagles1929@gmail.com 

Please do not use this email address for any enquiries relating to the 2021 season.

Over the coming months we will be looking to be more active on social media, update the club website and carry on working behind the scenes, to bring this amazing club back to track, not just for 2023 but well beyond that.

Club representative Mark Horsman commented:

“It is a disappointment that we can’t run in 2022 but the club will return in 2023.  Chris Louis and the BSPL have been a great help to us and with the backing of stadium owner Eric Dugard and the new management team, a bright future is in place for the club.”