Eastbourne Eagles Statement – Speedway 2023


As many of you know we are working on getting the Eagles back on track for the 2023 season.

We have spent the last few months working towards this and there are numerous hurdles some of them seemingly insurmountable but we will not give up just yet.

We have spoken to the stadium owners, the speedway authorities, various promotions and others who have been involved in speedway at Arlington and other tracks.

We would like to have a fans forum in the near future but at this stage we would like to speak to anyone who could potentially sponsor and or invest in the club and those that can/will help run speedway.

If we can raise the money and get the help required we can run speedway.

Please come back to us if you can meet with us and a date in the next couple of weeks.

Steve Chantler-  steve@trianglefiresystems.co.uk

David Graveling-  davidgraveling@gmail.com

Michael Gray-  michaelgray155@gmail.com

Mark Horsman-  mghorsman@Hotmail.co.uk