Edward Out of Riders’ Championship

Update: Richard Lawson scored nine points in the Championship Riders’ Individual at Sheffield on Sunday.


SCORES: Ryan Douglas 12, Sam Masters 12, Erik Riss 12, Jake Allen 10, Danny King 10, Adam Ellis 9, Richard Lawson 9, Chris Harris 9, Rasmus Jensen 8, Nick Morris 6, Todd Kurtz 6, Zaine Kennedy 5, Steve Worrall 5, Jye Etheridge 4, Josh Auty 2, Joe Lawlor (res) 1, Tom Woolley (res) 0, Craig Cook 0.

SEMI-FINAL: Riss, King, Allen, Ellis.
FINAL: Riss, King, Douglas, Masters.

Our earlier story:

Edward Kennett will not take his place in this afternoon’s Championship Riders’ Individual at Sheffield.

He aggravated an arm injury last night at Arlington Stadium when laying down his bike to avoid stricken riders in front of him.

It caused him to withdraw from the meeting.

Edward had earlier in the week withdrawn from a meeting at Swindon because of an arm injury.

He will now be seeking medical advice.

Richard Lawson carries the hopes of the Fineprint Eagles in this prestigious event at Owlerton Stadium.

Our man Kevin Ling is heading to South Yorkshire and he will be updating fans on the club’s official Facebook page. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5pm.

Image: Mike Hinves