Glasgow 50 Eagles 40. Meeting report

The Eastbourne Eagles came up just short in their Championship match tonight (June 25) at Glasgow.

At the half-way stage they were two points ahead but eventually succumbed to the Scottish side who powered home over the closing stages to win 50-40.

Team manager Trevor Geer said it was a brilliant meeting to watch.

“After the interval we slipped away but up until them we were doing well. It was nip and tuck all the way. We thought we could pull this off,” he said.

“I think after the interval the track changed a little bit and Craig Cook showed his class.

“The meeting was a lot better than the score suggests.”

Geer said Jake Knight did extremely well, having been called in as a replacement for Drew Kemp.

Tom Brennan & Jake Knight

He said: “Jake exceeded my expectations tonight. He looked really good and ended with five points. That was five more than expected of him.”

Captain Lewi Kerr said: “After the interval we lost our way a bit. It was going so good.

“Maybe Glasgow re-focussed at that point

“They did the damage then. We needed a 5-1 in heat 15 to get point which me and Richard were on but Cookie did his thing.

“But we pushed them.”

Skipper Lewi Kerr

Image Credits: Taylor Lanning

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Here’s how Kevin Ling saw the match unfold at Glasgow’s Ashfield Stadium.

Ht 1: Glasgow kick off with a 5-1 as Sedgmen and Cook lead from the off . As the race unfolded, they needed to team ride to withstand the intense pressure from Tom Brennan. Edward Kennett chased hard but couldn’t make the necessary ground 5-1, time 57.96

Ht 2: Fast start from SamJensen who continued for a comfortable gate to flag victory – Jake Knight and Jason Edwards trapped together to fend off Jack Smith. 3-3, 8-4, 57.30

Ht 3: A good race – Lewi Kerr leads all the way to take the win from Ricky Wells. Broc Nicol got the drop on Kyle Newman at the start and a great tussle ensued which saw the two trade places but it was the American who secured the odd point and a second successive 3-3, 11-7, 57.49

Ht 4: Storming win for Richard Lawson who withstood continued pressure from Ulrich Ostergaard. Once again Knight gave a fine account of himself battling gamely with smith for a lap and a half – at times he seemed to have his measure but at the tail end of lap two he spun around and fell – he remounted to continue but with Richard taking the win it would prove a third share of the spoils. 3-3, 14-10, 57.89

Ht 5: Pretty to watch – Ed and Tom gate together and despite a strong challenge from Nicol that’s how it stays and the Eagles bring home the 5-1 that levels things at 15-points apiece, Time 58.02

Ht 6: Another great gate from Lawson.He leads all the way defying the very close attention of Cook . Sedgmen follows in third for yet another 3-3 that still sees the scores locked together at 18-18, 57.55

Ht 7: The Tigers lead again. This is developing into an epic meeting. Ostergaard makes the gate with Kerr and Newman holding onto the minor places.

Jensen catches both Eagles napping sweeping round the outside down the back straight to join Ulrich for the 5-1.Lewi refuses to give up the chase however and gets the better of Jensen to limit the damage to a 4-2, 22-20, 58.2. Kyle unfortunately yet to get off the mark but that in no way reflects his hardworking efforts.

Ht 8: Wowee the Eagles lead. A fantastic gate by Jake and he leads all the way with Tom riding shotgun with every turn of the wheel. The two come home in 1 and 2 leaving Sedgmen and Smith chasing shadows. 1-5, 23-25, 58.76

Ht 9: Three wins out of three for Lawson . Another fine gate and fantastic four laps to leave Nicol and Wells trailing. Jason chased hard but just too big an ask but Eagles still lead 3-3, 26-28, 57.73

Ht 10: Kyle excluded 2 mins while at the start line. It would appear no dirt deflector – replaced by Jake Knight. Tigers back ahead – Sedgmen gates from Lewi with Cook holding third. Cook sweeps through to join his partner and then he hits the front but Lewi never gives up the chase and closes hard on the run in but he cannot prevent the 5-1 that now sees the Tigers lead 31-29, 58.42

Ht 11: Tigers turn up the heat in the race following the interval. Jensen again shows what a powerhouse reserve he is with a tapes to flag win, the evergreen Ulrich giving a fine account of himself securing the hosts second successive 5-1 – Tom gave good chase but once the Tigers were away there was little catching them, 36-30, 57.79

Ht 12: All change. Jensen replaces Smith in blue (reserve replacement) and Richard replaces Jason in yellow (tactical sub).

Utter drama. Eagles look set to hit back as Richard storms to the front to lead Jensen and Kyle fights his way past Wells to put pressure on Jensen. It was soon to change, however, as Jensen drew the cheers of the home fans to pass Richard heading into the last lap while Wells does likewise against Kyle. Credit where its due though, Jensen well worthy of the win that sees a first defeat of Lawson. A further mention for Kyle though, Seldom have seen a rider work so hard for no return – 4-2 puts the hosts in firm control of the match, 40-32 time 58.51

Ht 13: Cook clearly had a score to settle and settle it he did with a fine ride to deny the chasing Richard. Ulrich was following on for third ahead of Ed and that was pretty much all she wrote as the 4-2 steers the match points in the Tigers favour ,44-34 Time 57.88

Ht 14: A little bit of an odd one as Jensen takes a tumble duelling with Lewi on the run into the first turn – not first bend bunching as the riders hadn’t reached the first bend – fair do’s though all riders fit and ready to take their place in the restart. The re-run was stopped for an unsatisfactory start. All four back but Lewi warned. Classy win for Lewi at the third time of asking – no messing for the super skipper as he gated to lead from Jensen with Nicol holding third and he increased the margin with every turn of the wheel. Not so fortunate for Jake though as machinery problems saw him fail to make it off the starting grid – 3-3 47-37 time 58.28

Ht 15: A fine end to a fine meeting but not one destined to see the Eagles scoop the match point that at one point they had in their grasp – Richard and Lewi led the early running in the 5-1 position ahead of Cook and it appeared they might be on for the match point – Cook was inspired, however, forcing his way past Lewi and then Richard in turn to secure the 3-3 that saw the final score stand at 50-40 in favour of the top of the league Glasgow Tigers time 58.37


Glasgow: Craig Cook 13+1(5), Sam Jensen 12 (5), Ulrich Ostergaard 8+1(4), Justin Sedgmen 7+2 (5,) Broc Nicol 5+2(4), Ricky Wells 4+1(4), Jack Smith 1(3).

Eastbourne: Richard Lawson 15 (6), Lewi Kerr 10+1(5), Tom Brennan 6+2( 4), Jake Knight 5 (5), Edward Kennett 3(4), Jason Edwards 1+1(3), Kyle Newman 0 (3)