Ian Jordan Q&A interview

Eagles Managing Director Ian Jordan caught up with Ian Smalley via an extensive zoom call, to answer questions submitted by Eagles fans.

Our thanks to everyone who submitted a question, we have tried to provide as many answers as possible, either directly or as part of a wider overview. 

All comments are Ian’s personal views and not necessarily those of, nor should they be construed to be those of Eastbourne Speedway / Eastbourne Eagles Limited.

Timings for each of the questions / topics are provided below the video.

  1. Looking back (0.53):   An overview of trying to get speedway on at Arlington after the initial suspension of the season.

2. Looking ahead to 2021 (11 mins 35): The Speedway experience at Arlington moving forward including Covid compliance (facemasks & pits access) and streaming

3. Arlington Update (23 mins 22):  The key infrastructure updates and changes at the stadium

4. Season Tickets (30 mins 50): & 10 match passes from 2019

5. Race suit sponsorship (33 mins 27): An update for fans & companies who had sponsored Race Suits in 2019

6. Not running in 2020 (35 mins 16): What have you missed with not running?

7. The 2021 Eagles Team (37 mins 26)

8. The Seagulls (44 mins 33): the Seagulls squad, and the progression from MSDL.

9. Potential of running a NDL team in 2021 (49 mins 45): – & winter training and developing a junior track

10. The 90th Anniversary meeting (57 mins 40): in 2021

11. Race night / day. (1 hour 01): Saturday or Sunday Speedway

12. The 2021 Season.(1:03 04): Other plans being put in place for 2021 & a message to the Eagles fans.

If fans do have any further questions, please send them through to admin@eastbourne-speedway.com and Ian will respond. 

Image credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography