Important Club Survey for Supporters

How would you feel about returning to watch speedway once the government has given clearance?

Eastbourne Speedway will be launching a survey by e-mail on Monday 11th May, to gauge supporters’ feelings and concerns.

The views of sponsors, staff and riders are also being canvassed.

Eastbourne Speedway does not believe that racing will return any time soon, eg: within the next 2 months.

The HG Aerospace Eagles are aware of the negotiations being led by the BSPA/SCB to lobby the Government on behalf of the Sport regarding the resumption of racing when appropriate, and ongoing conversations and speculation about other sports, and the possibility of events taking place with, or without, spectators being present.

Our view is that the resumption of any sporting activity in the UK is probably at least several months away.

However, we feel it would be in the interests of Eastbourne Speedway and all of our supporters for us to conduct a survey to gauge your thoughts and views on various related issues.

The survey will ask for your perceptions and concerns about your health and safety, the current financial climate and any specific moral or ethical concerns that you may have about attending events where crowds are present in the short or medium-term future. 

We would not wish to make any commitment regarding when we think we can return, subject to Government guidelines and other regulatory bodies, without first having a full and clear understanding of the wishes of our staff, sponsors and supporters, so that any decision that we make is based on the wishes of everyone involved. 

We are all in this together.

The Survey will be sent to all Registered Members of the website community, Staff, Riders and Sponsors.  In respect of supporters, if you receive regular e-mail updates from us you are already Registered and do not need to re-register.

If you are not Registered please click here to receive our e-mails.

The survey results will also be used for us to formulate a Season Ticket / 10 Match Season Ticket and Sponsor; Refund or Part Refund Policy (where requested and applicable) which we will announce towards the end of May.

As we indicated in our initial update (view here), if anyone who purchased tickets or paid for sponsorship/advertising is in financial hardship at any time prior to then, please contact us in confidence at

Image Credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography