Individual Rider Match Package Sponsorship

With the new Championship season edging ever nearer, there’s still time to get involved with the 2020 Eagles with our range of Individual Rider Match Package Sponsorship options.

Along with supporting Edward, Richard, Lewi, Kyle, Tom, Drew and Jason throughout 2020,  each of the packages also aims to provide a number of benefits for Companies or fans.

Eagles Director Ian Jordan commented “ “A set of tyres for the team costs around £300 per meeting, with the Home Team covering the cost of both teams at a Home Meeting, so in reality this costs us £600 for each Home and Away set of fixtures for the 7 man Team.

Oil and Methanol are an added expense, so sponsoring a rider is a great help to the individual and the Club. This form of sponsorship also ensures that your sponsorship money goes directly to Speedway related items and adds a real and genuine value.

By adding the “fringe benefits” of Season Tickets and Passes as outlined below, we ensure that your valuable sponsorship support has clear and tangible benefits to you the Sponsor.

This will be more relevant again in 2020 as we will again seek to ensure that whilst genuine Sponsors are properly looked after, we also look after the interests of our wonderful and loyal supporters, who pay their hard earned money to support the Club through the Turnstiles and Season Tickets, by ensuring that the incidence of “freeloading” is eradicated.”

Individual Rider Sponsorship Packages include:

  • Oil / Methanol / Tyre – (full season) – £1000.00 *
  • Oil / Methanol – (full season) £500.00 **
  • Oil (full season) – £300.00***
  • Methanol (full season) – £200.00 ***
  • Tyre (full season home and away) £1000.00 * 
  • Tyre (full season home or away) £500.00 **

(A maximum of 2 separate sponsors for these specific items is allowed)

Benefits include:

  • Free 2020 season Ticket (all League / Cup / Shield Fixtures) for items marked *
  • Free 10 Match Pass Ticket (10 Official League Fixtures) for items marked **
  • Free Match Pass Ticket for 3 Fixtures of your Choice Official League Fixtures ***
  • Sponsors name will be on 2020 PIT BOARDS and a 1/2 sized Pit Board will be signed and presented by Rider at End of the 2020 Season for all Sponsors of £1000 * / £500 ** star sponsorship.

A Sponsors Board will also be installed in the Turnstile Entrance Area and on The Club Website making it an ideal package for individuals / memorials and/or smaller Companies

In the first instance, please contact us via commercial@eastbourne-speedway outlining which rider/s you wish to sponsor, and which package.  We are also happy to discuss any additional requirements you may have.

Image Credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography