Introducing TeamBuilder

Officially launching today, the Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles TeamBuilder is part LOTTERY and part RIDER SUPPORT FUND.

50% of all invested goes into a Monthly Lottery Draw (which will be drawn at a Speedway Meeting closest to 15th of the month and/or will be live filmed during close season)

There will be 3 Cash Prizes every month and it is anticipated that once the TeamBuilder is fully subscribed* that the Monthly First Prize will be £1000.00 with further prizes of £500.00 and £300.00 There will also be a roll-over of £200.00 every month for a “Jumbo 6 Prize” every 6 months of £1200.00 in addition to the usual Monthly Prizes.

(* if subscribed as we aim for, we anticipate 3-4 months to reach this prize level and in the meantime 1st Prize and associated prizes will be subsidised to a minimum level of £500.00 / £150.00 and £100.00)

The RIDER SUPPORT FUND (RSF) will be managed by a Committee to be formed of a Club Official / major Sponsor(s) / and Balloted Supporter Representative.

The RSF will be allocated amongst Team Members at regular intervals with an “emergency fund” for urgent needs.

The RSF benefits will be paid directly to suppliers and providers of the required equipment (once invoiced) ensuring that every penny raised is spent on necessary Speedway related equipment and costs.

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The initial process for you to join and support TeamBuilder and to have a chance of winning big prizes and helping the Team directly, will be to REGISTER on the form provided on the main Teambuilder page using the link below.

Click here to view the complete TeamBuilder page and to register for the first draw

The first payment will then be taken by Bank Transfer or using a Debit / Credit Card via PayPal (which is the most secure Global payment portal). 

Once you have Registered you will be sent payment details and once first payment has been received you will be sent your TeamBuilder Account Number and Draw Receipt/Ticket (all of this will be done electronically via email).

You can buy more than one draw ticket for each month. They are in multiples of £10.

You receive a number for each £10 unit – sent by e-mail and that will be your Registration Number each month that you are in the draw.

The FIRST DRAW will take place at the Meeting on Saturday 17th August at Berwick and will be announced LIVE on the Meeting Updates on the website that evening.

After the initial payment has been made, Members will be offered either a Direct Debit / Standing Order / recurring Debit or Credit Card payment option.

The Draw will be made every month, 12 months of the year.

Minimum monthly cost is £10 per Unit – 1 Unit buys 1 ticket in the Draw, you can purchase as many Units as you wish.

To take part in any Monthly Draw we must have “cleared funds” by the last day of the preceding month e.g to qualify for AUGUST Draw we must have received Funds by midnight on 31st July 2019. Ongoing DD/SO/Recurring payments can be cancelled at any time.

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Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles Director Ian Jordan commented.

“We all know that the costs of equipment for our Riders are huge and growing all of the time and we wanted to recreate an equivalent of the old RAAG (Rider Aid Action Group).

We also understand that the old 100 Club was very popular and the TeamBuilder is built on very similar lines, an excellent and worthwhile monthly Prize that will make a real difference to anyone winning it, but at £10 entry level it is very affordable.

The combination of the RAAG and 100 Club idea in to TeamBuilder will be we hope both hugely popular and very beneficial to the Club.

By targeting the help given to Riders on specific equipment that they need, we can ensure that every penny is spent wisely and we can also use the buying power of the Club and TeamBuilder to negotiate the best deals for the best quality equipment.

At a time when our Sport is facing huge financial challenges and increased uncertainty; I believe that this is another example of the way Eastbourne Speedway is bucking the trend with positive and innovative solutions and giving Supporters the chance to win nice prizes whilst ensuring our Team has the maximum possible support”  

Click here to view the complete TeamBuilder page and to register for the first draw

As an official lottery, TeamBuilder is Registered with Adur District Council, Portland House, 44 Richmond Road, Worthing, BN11 1HS; Lottery Registration L/083 

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Original Images by Tiffani Graveling Photography and Mike Hinves