Jason Edwards: Diary of a Week in Lockdown

Right now, Eastbourne Speedway rider Jason Edwards should be racing all over the country as the UK season hits top gear.

Instead, like the rest of us, the HG Aerospace Eagle is in lockdown.

Jason, one of three teenage tornados signed by the Eastbourne club for the 2020 Championship campaign, was fully prepared for the new season and racing fit.

He enjoyed a few weeks in the Western Australian sun earlier this year where he met and rode with the only UK rider to become three times world champion, Tai Woffinden.

Jason, who lives with his family in south Essex, was raring to go with bikes prepped and fitness at its peak when the coronavirus pandemic put all public sporting events on hold.

Jason, who also rides for Mildenhall in the National League, is using the lockdown to keep fit, hone his speedway preparations and learn some new skills – including finding out how to feed a peacock.

Here is Jason Edwards’ diary for A Week in Lockdown


The week before we had started constructing a fence. At home, we have donkeys and, I guess like most people , we are doing all the jobs that we never get round to . . .so the fence it was. 

As you can imagine, this has taken up a lot of time – most of the previous week and some of this last week. I would consider myself fit but putting up a fence is hard work and does wear you out, especially your upper body, so this work is great for fitness.


On Tuesday I was cutting down some trees as I was making a badminton court because you never want the shuttlecock to get stuck in the branches. 

That was mission one but overall, throughout all of this, I’m just trying to stay as ready and as fit as possible for whenever we start. 

From the sport point of view, that is the hardest because there’s not a date or anything to aim for. Mentally that bit is harder.


I did some deliveries to my Nan. I really couldn’t imagine being in her position.

Like many others, she is in complete isolation but I’m trying to do what I can and delivering her food, games and anything else she might want. 

Also, I made a new and improved table for the van. 

I just feel this time is all about using this time to be as productive as possible so I’m just trying to improve as much as I can in order for when we can go everything is better. 

I’ve also created a balance board and a brand new table and I’ve cleaned the van inside and out.


I thought I would use the time to get a bit better with dealing with the animals that we have. I managed to feed the peacock out of my hand which – I’m not going to lie – I was pretty nervous about it. 

The guy who usually comes and looks after the donkeys’ hooves obviously can’t visit. Me and my dad have had to do the work ourselves. My dad was doing one of their feet and the donkey literally broke wind. I couldn’t help but crack up.


This week, the weather has been great and sometimes your mind drifts and I could not help but thinking back to Australia. 

I went out during the winter and I learnt so much and especially getting to ride alongside Tai.

I just wanted to get this season going and obviously it’s just hard when everything is ready to go and the weather is great.

However, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture and everyone staying safe. God knows how badly this virus would have spread had everything begun as planned.


I’ve been continuing all my training, running, cycling, strength based stuff and just general fitness, however I can. Whilst I’ve been out, it’s truly great to see families out bonding, doing exercises and just enjoying time together. When I run or cycle by, it just naturally makes me smile with happiness.


Just for a bit of fun, me and my brother decided to try and make a speedway simulator. We raised the bike off the ground slightly, meaning the back end could swing freely and it felt like we were riding. Getting a bit of sneaky practice, I say. 

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes content from the HG Aerospace Eagles next week.

Stay Safe.