Kerr Runs the Rule Over Glasgow

Lewi Kerr will be in the thick of the action on Saturday (August 3) as Eastbourne battle to get into the Championship Shield final.

As one of the Fineprint Eagles’ heat leaders he will be going ahead to head with the visitors’ top boys, Craig Cook and Rasmus Jensen, at Arlington Stadium.

The Scottish side bring a four-point lead to Sussex for the second leg of the semi-final and are bang in form, having won at Somerset on Wednesday.

West Norfolk-based Kerr had a spell with Glasgow last year and we asked him to tell us about the team from Ashfield which sits top of the Championship league table at the moment.

Kerr said he was very impressed with the Glasgow team.

Craig Cook

With Craig Cook you know what you are going to get. He’s not dropped many points all year.

He has come into my Premiership team at King’s Lynn and he is good to work with.

He is good fun and very professional. It is good to have him in the team at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Rasmus Jensen in action at Arlington earlier in the season

Rasmus Jensen is having an unreal season. He is flying everywhere he goes.

He is very much a danger man.

Claus Vissing has been a heat leader for years now. He is very solid everywhere he goes. He was at Glasgow when I rode there for half-a-season and I get on very well with him

Kyle Bickley is an up and coming lad. He has good gear and should go well.

Paul Starke [he will miss the meeting through a wrist injury suffered in the British Final) is pretty solid.

I don’t know too much about Connor Bailey. He is a really young guy who has come over from Australia.

*Glasgow signed Mikkel B. Andersen after this interview was conducted to replace James Sarjeant.

To sum it up, the fact that Craig doesn’t drop many points anywhere is their big advantage.

Rasmus is another factor. He is going well home and away, even in the Elite League in the main body of the team. He has taken another step up.

*Tickets for the match are available on the door. You can pay by cash and or credit/debit card.

*Gates open 5.45pm. Match begins 7.30pm.

Images: Mike Hinves and Tiffani Graveling Photography