Lions 56 Eagles 34 Meeting Report

Eastbourne went down to a heavy defeat at Leicester last night (August 14) losing 56-34.

At no stage did they threaten the home team and ended a five-man team.

Edward Kennett missed the fixture because of a reaction to a Covid-19 vaccination and Kyle Newman withdrew at the half-way stage after further aggravating a shoulder injury.

Co-promoter and team manager Trevor Geer said: “It was tough tonight.

“Coming without Edward Kennett didn’t help. He is suffering after his second Covid jab.

“I hope we can do better things next weekend against Redcar.”


Leicester 56: Ryan Douglas 14, Hans Andersen 12+1, Nick Morris 9, Kyle Howarth 8+1, Zaine Kennedy 6+1, Dan Thompson 4, Joe Thompson 3+1.

Eastbourne 34: Tom Brennan 14+1, Lewis Kerr 9, Richard Lawson 6+1, Drew Kemp 3+2, Nathan Ablitt 2, Kyle Newman 0, Edward Kennett r/r.

Here is how Kevin Ling saw the match unfold.

Heat 1: Richard Lawson gets the drop on Hans Andersen and Kyle Newman looks to have done similar on Dan Thompson. First two bends and it’s all change however – Hans sweeps into the lead and Dan comes past Kyle on inside out of bend two and then puts pressure on Richard for the first two laps but the order doesn’t change – opening 4-2 to the lions; 61.97

Heat 2: Unsatisfactory start. Zaine Kennedy moves first but effectively impedes himself – Eagles holding the advantage into the first bend but red lights come on.

Re-run: Wouldn’t you just know – this time Kennedy sweeps around the outside of all three riders to time to lead down back straight – Drew Kemp putting on the pressure but Joe Thompson just behind him with little distance between all three. Down the back straight of lap three, Joe finds a way past Drew to join his partner for the 5-1, 9-3, 62.81

Heat 3: Kyle leads out of the start but the Lions do like the high line and Kyle Howarth demonstrates this as he rounds our Kyle out of bend 2 – Tom swiftly follows suit and at the end of lap one a 3-3 looks a likely prospect – not with Morris at the back though. He doesn’t give up the chase and trades places a couple of times with Kyle but eases clear on the run in to lap three; 4-2, 13-5, 61.56

Heat 4: Lions lead out of the start with Ryan Douglas in front from Kennedy with Lewi Kerr third. Our captain sweeps past Kennedy on the run down back straight – Lewi has his sights on Douglas and keeps closing but doesn’t quite have the legs (or indeed wheels). Kennedy comfortable in third ahead of Nathan Ablitt; 4-2, 17-7, 62.25

Heat 5: Richard flies from the start and leads throughout to become Eagles first heat winner in a time of 61.06 (fastest of meeting so far) Morris is not far away in second and Howarth holds third but Kyle is clearly not loving the conditions and trails in at the back; 3-3, 20-10

Heat 6: Hans rolls back the years powering to his second win. Lewi tucks in behind him with Drew third – Drew cuts off Dan’s run out of bend 2 and fends him of in impressive style for the full four laps – Dan made last ditch effort on final bend but overcooked it – didn’t fall but this saw Drew secure third; 3-3, 23-13, 62.09

Heat 7: Eagles snatch first heat advantage through a fine win for Tom to deny Douglas. Nathan was close to Joe who suffered an engine failure heading into lap three; 4-2 to the visitors, 25-17, 61.99

Kyle Newman has withdrawn from the meeting after aggravating his shoulder injury. Eagles down to five riders.

Heat 8: A 5-1 to the Lions and fairly comfortably at that. Dan from Kennedy – Drew fell third bend first lap but remounted to finish. Nathan exerting pressure on Kennedy and kept it close but could not prevent the maximum going the way of the home side; 5-1, 30-18, 62.75

Heat 9: Morris clamps Lewi down on first turn. Momentarily it’s a 3-3 but Howarth looks set to come past both Eagles but Lewi manages to hold second. Howarth gives him a good battle for second while Lewi keeps up pressure on Morris – a 4-2 it remains however, 34-20, 62.25

Heat 10: Lewi takes the RR and gates but again Hans storms through gap left on inside as Lewi takes the wide line. Tom comfortable in third ahead of Dan but riders quite strung out for 3-3 – big wheelie from Hans as he crosses the line; 3-3, 37-23, 62.41

Heat 11: Tom comes in as a tac sub in place of Kyle but the heat did not go the way we hoped it might. Douglas led from the off and Joe looked set to join him down the back straight – Tom and Richard remained steadfast in second and third however and as Joe mounted a further outside challenge on bends three and four but parted company with his machine and fell – he was quickly up and cleared the track. Ryan was indeed flyin’ and continued for a comfortable win; 3-3, 40-26, 62.53

Heat 12: Tom Brennan in as the RR. Howarth leads from Kennedy but Drew moves inside and Tom rounds Kennedy in classic pincer moment out of bend two – Tom gives it his all to catch Howarth but can’t quite make it. Drew pegs Kennedy at the back to anchor a 3-3, 43-29, 62.41

Heat 13: Douglas comes down on bend 2 trying to round Richard. Richard was leading but is excluded. The home fans around me seem to think it was a just decision but I had the same view as them but I didn’t see it that way. I’d say harsh at the very least.

Re-run: Lewi gates but both Douglas and Hans storm through on his inside out of bend 2 and race on for the 5-1, 48-30, 61.53

Heat 14: Two races in one. Morris has a grand battle with Tom and it’s a similar story with Joe against Nathan – sadly both battles go the way of the Lions; 4-2, 52-32, 62.37

Heat 15: Douglas from Brennan from Hans – gate to flag, 4-2, 56-34, 62.50. Eastbourne did not put out a rider in yellow

Image credit: Mike Hinves