Northern Tour guest

Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles will be making a full Statement regarding the SCB Adjudication regarding incidents in the Championship Shield semi-final on Saturday 3rd August, in due course. 

We have discussed the Adjudication fully with Edward Kennett who has been suspended for 10 days from today, Monday 12th August.

Edward Kennett

We believe that this is unfairly disproportionate in comparison with one of the other suspensions handed out, but Edward and Eastbourne Eagles have decided to accept the sanction and to move on. We note and agree with the comments of Ipswich Witches (Edward’s Premier League Club) on the circumstances of the announcement from the SCB.

Edward has our 100% full support and we can confirm that the Club will not be taking any internal action with regard to the matter and we look forward to seeing Edward back in action at Arlington for the Championship League Fixture on Saturday 24th August v Redcar.

We have our “Northern Tour” Championship League Matches on Friday 16th August v Edinburgh, Saturday 17th August v Berwick and Sunday 18th August v Newcastle.

The Club wishes to reward our large Travelling Support with the best available Guest Rider, (although it is impossible to replace the passion and commitment that Edward has for the Eagles), in NICK MORRIS, who we are delighted to announce has agreed to ride in all 3 Fixtures, we believe we have the best available and outstanding replacement.  

Nick Morris

We look forward to our trip to Edinburgh, Berwick and Newcastle and to renewing old and making new friendships.

Main image credit: Mike Hinves