Redcar 53 Eastbourne 37

Eastbourne fell to a defeat 53-37 this afternoon (August 4) at Redcar in a Championship league match but the club took away plenty of positives.

The Fineprint Eagles have to go back to Redcar for a KO Cup semi-final and club director Ian Jordan said the result augured well for that crucial tie.

He drew similarities between the away matches with Glasgow – a heavy defeat in the league but when the Eagles returned in the Shield semi-final, they only lost by four points.

That proved to be a perfect springboard to get the Eagles into the Shield final.

Jordan said: “There were a lot of positives to come out our performance at Redcar.

“Richard Lawson was outstanding and so was Jason Edwards. Jason twice beat Nathan Greaves – one of the best reserves in the league.

“Edward Kennett had issues with his best engine after two rides and Lewi Kerr also had machine problems

“Thirty-seven points today is a good base for us to work from for the KO Cup semi-final.”

Redcar – 53: Erik Riss 13+1(5,) Kasper Andersen 7+2(4), Michael Palm Toft 15(5), Jordan Stewart 3+1(3), CharlesWright 9(4,) Tom Woolley 0(3), Nathan Greaves 6+1(6) 

Eagles – 37: Edward Kennett 6(4), Georige Wood 0(3), Kyle Newman 4+1(4), Lewi Kerr 6(5), Richard Lawson 12(6), Alfie Bowtell 4+2 (4), Jason Edwards 5+2(4)

Here’s how our live blog unfolded.

The Eastbourne Fineprint are back in action less than 24 hours after their dramatic semi-final against Glasgow at Arlington Stadium last night (August 3).

This afternoon (2pm start) we are at Redcar and Kevin Ling left Sussex before most were awake and is place at the stadium.

He will bring you live coverage as the action unfolds.

This was the scene when Kevin arrived but we will bring you the latest news, teams and weather in the run-up to tapes up.

Richard Lawson being interviewed by Alex Raby, a former announcer at Arlington

The weather forecast for the Redcar area this afternoon is of a growing risk of heavy showers/thunderstorms. In the first hour the likelihood is put at 50/50 with that rising to a more than 60 per cent chance between 3 and 4pm. On that basis, we are expecting some quick fire action.

However, as Kevin’s latest photograph shows, it is still sunny but some clouds are bubbling up.


Redcar: Erik Riss, Kasper Andersen, Michael Palm Toft, Jordan Stewart, Charles Wright, Tom Woolley, Nathan Greaves.

Eastbourne: Edward Kennett, Georgie Wood, Kyle Newman, Lewi Kerr, Richard Lawson, Alfie Bowtell, Jason Edwards.

Standout rider for the Redcar Bears is clearly Charles Wright, who was crowned British Champion on Monday night.

They also have a mighty No 1 in the German, Erik Riss.

Stuart Wilson is the referee.

The cover of today’s programme featuring Charles Wright with the British Final trophy
Charles Wright showing the trophy to fans before racing starts.

Heat 1: Riss (r), Andersen (b), Kennett (w), Wood (y). Great race. The Bears gated on a 5-1 but Edward slipped by both the Bears in brilliant style to lead down the back straight and then powered on to take the win from Riss with Georgie keeping Andersen honest. 3-3, 54.0

Heat 2: Woolley (r) Greaves (b) Bowtell (w) Edwards (y) Greaves gates and goes away for a confident win. Alfie is secure in second but Jason lights it up by coming from the back to beat Woolley, 3-3, 6-6, 55.0

Heat 3: Palm Toft (r) Stewart (b) Newman (w) Kerr (y) .Not such a good one and we concede a 5-1. Palm Toft gated and rode to a dominant win with Stewart backing him all the way. Kyle and Lewi gave chase but the flying Bears were not to be caught. 5-1, 11-7, 53.7 – fastest of the season so far.

Heat 4: Wright (r) Greaves (b) Lawson (w) Edwards (y). Superb from Richard – Wright gets the drop out of the start but Lawson ensures it wouldn’t be a happy homecoming for the British champion as he flies around the outside to peg him in second place. A great scrap ensued between Greaves and Edwards, one that went the way of the home rider but Jason never far away 3-3, 14-10, 54.4

Heat 5: MPT (r) Stewart (b) Kennett (w) Wood (y). MPT very much the man in form as he posts another gate to flag effort to win heat five – another 5-1 looked potentially on the cards for the bears but Kennett cut brilliantly inside of Stewart on the run in to lap two to secure second – unfortunately Georgie wasn’t destined to last the course this time as he pulled up with machinery problems on the second bend of lap two 4-2, 18-12, 54.1

Heat six at the tapes

Heat 6: Riss (r) Andersen (b) Lawson (w) bowtell (y). A four lap battle ensues between Riss and Lawson – a superb battle but one that would go the way of the home rider – with Andersen holding third from Bowtell.It offered the Bears a second successive 4-2 that extended their lead to 22-14 Time 55.1 a mix up with the flags saw a fifth lap run and by the end of that the Bears were in one and two but fortunately the result after four laps was called.

Heat 7: Ht 7 Wright (r) Woolley (b) Newman (w) Kerr (y) Ht 7 British champion shows his true quality in the seventh powering away for a comfortable win – Lewi and Kyle stand firm in second and third ahead of Woolley for a share of the spoils but the Bears lead remains at 8-points now 25-17 time 54.1

Heat 8: Andersen (r) greaves (b) wood (w) Edwards (y) Andersen steams away off bend two and holds on to take the win. Jason produces a fantastic effort to snatch second from Greaves – the pair trade places a couple of times but it was the Eagle who came home for the 2-points – not so happy for Georgie who’s machine again failed him in mid race 4-2, 29-19, time 56.0

Second bend action from heat 8

Heat 9 MPT (r) Stewart (b) Lawson (w) bowtell (y) Ht 9 Nasty crash at the first turn with Jordan Stewart slamming into the air fence – from this vantage point certainly no contact with anybody – worrying moments as rider stayed down and ambulance was called – applause rang out as Stewart eventually rose and walked into ambulance (albeit in some discomfort) – early interval now being called with repairs ongoing to the safety fence – no announcement has yet been made as to outcome of the first bend, whether four riders will come back to tapes (presumably without Stewart) or whether three riders only is currently uncertain.

Stewart out of the ambulance and chatting to medical team. Reported of no bones broken – bruised, winded and thankfully nothing worse after he went into the fence with a big thump. Fence now repaired – track grading taking place so rerun of heat 9 is presumably not far off – darker clouds starting to loom overhead but it doesn’t seem rainy (if that makes sense) as yet – no doubt that will soon change but so long as we cram it the next seven heats, the weather can then do what it darned well likes.

Re-run: Riders back out on track now – three riders only for restart of heat 9 – Stewart disqualified for being the primary cause of stoppage. We get a fantastic race – Lawson makes the gate and held firm for two laps – MPT comes past in blistering style down back straight third lap – Richard counters and looks to go back past on outside – barely inches separate the pair at the chequered flag but it’s the home man that gets the verdict – Alfie rides home unchallenged in third for the 3-3 so difference remains at ten 32-22 Time 56.2

Stewart walking to the ambulance

Heat 10: Ht 10 Riss (r) Andersen (b) Newman (w) Kerr (y). Bears starting to draw away now – Riss gates to lead and Andersen sweeps past Lewi down the back straight to join his partner – that’s how it stays with the hosts coming home for the 5-1 that takes their lead to 14-points, 37-23, time 56.0

Heat 11: Richard Lawson as tac sub in place of Georgie. Wright (r) Greaves (b) replacing Woolley, Kennett (w) Lawson (y). Eagles gate on a 5-1 with Lawson then Kennett leading from Wright – that’s how it stays for the first two laps until the British champ makes his move – he cuts under Ed in impressive style down back straight of lap three to move into second – no further change to the order, Lawson claiming his second win over Wright and in the processing securing Eagles’ first advantage of the meeting, 2-4 39-27 time 55.3

Heat 12: MPT (r) Greaves (b) Newman (w) Bowtell (y) MPT again looks classy in taking an untroubled win in the twelfth to make it four out of four – Kyle and Alfie combine well to keep Greaves at bay for the sixth shared heat of proceedings 3-3, 42-30, Time 56.4

Heat 13: Riss (r) Wright (b) Kennett (w) Lawson (y) Has to be said Riss rode a superb first corner to fend off Richard, a move which allowed partner Wright to come through into second – that’s how it was destined to stay with Lawson trying everything he knew to get on terms – very little to separate the lead three coming round the final turn but importantly for the Bears it was they who came home in one and two, the 5-1 stretching their lead to a commanding 16-points now 47-31 time 56.3

Run to the first bend in heat 13

Heat 14: Greaves (r) replacing Stewart, Woolley (b ) Kerr (w) Edwards (y). Slight delay while paramedic treats someone in pits. Ready to go now. Finally a big moment for the Sussex fans to celebrate as Eagles duo of Kerr and Edwards get the drop on their opponents and despite the close attention of Greaves they come home for the 5-1 – Lewi taking the win with Jason a strong second 1-5 48-36 Time 57.7 

Heat 14 from the tapes
And the moment of victory

Heat 15: MPT (r) Riss (b) Kerr (w) Lawson (y) Eagles in 2 and 4. A fine race to finish but it’s one that would go the way of the bears – Lewi gates but MPT and Riss go one either side of him down back straight – Richard gives good chase but just can’t make it stick – close at the end but it’s a maximum to the hosts – Riss throttling back pretty much on the line to enable MPT’s first 15 point maximum for the Bears 5-1, 53-37, time 56.9

Bears – 53: Riss 13+1(5,) Andersen 7+2(4), Palm Toft 15(5), Stewart 3+1(3) ,Wright 9(4,) Woolley 0(3), Greaves 6+1(6) 

Eagles – 37: Kennett 6(4), Wood 0(3), Newman 4+1(4), Kerr 6(5), Lawson 12(6), Bowtell 4+2 (4), Edwards 5+2(4)

Images: Kevin Ling