September TeamBuilder winners

The winning numbers for the September TeamBuilder, which was drawn by Alfie Bowtell during the Eagles Championship Shield Final clash on Saturday , are confirmed as follows:

1st – Number EETB 0236 – £750.00

2nd – Number EETB 0218 – £250.00

3rd – Number EETB 0152 – £100.00

Winners will be notified by e-mail later today and once they have approved use of name the Full Results will be updated on Wednesday 18th September

Bank and Paypal options are now available for any new joiners who wish to take part in the October TeamBuilder draw. For full information, please click here.

Season Ticket Draw

Winners of the 3 x 2020 season tickets (or cash equivalent under terms and conditions of the draw) will be notified via e-mail today and once they have approved use of name, the full results will be updated on Wednesday, September 18.

Image credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography