Seven-times British Champion Scott Nicholls at Arlington

SUNDAY: May 5, Arlington Stadium, 3.30pm

Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles v Leicester Lions

Scott Nicholls has been talking exclusively to this website ahead of bringing his Leicester Lions to Arlington on Sunday in Championship league action.

Scott Nicholls has an important place in the history of Eastbourne Speedway.

He helped the Eagles defeat Poole to win the KO Cup in 2008 – something he remembers every day he is in his office.

Scott recalled his memories of Arlington when he spoke to this website.

Scott during his time at Arlington

“It’s a track I have always enjoyed racing at and it was always a hard track to come to as an away team, as they were always so strong at home.  

“It’s a tight little technical track, was always prepared well and a lot of riders struggle to get round there, which is where the home track advantage always came in to play.  

“I always remember it as being a very tight-knit club, which was cool,” Scott said, “both to see as an away rider, and also to be part of it, like I was for that season. 

“Winning the cup with them was a fond memory as the league didn’t quite go to plan and my daughter was present when we lifted the trophy. 

“She was only a little Bubba then and I have the team photo with me holding her in my office.”

Scott recalls having some great races with Eastbourne riders in the past, but especially some “tight and tough” battles with Martin Dugard.

He said: “We were both always fair but had some cracking elbow-to-elbow battles.

“I remember in one race Martin came off. It was all fair and a good race, but I was thinking at the time, ‘oh dear, I could be in trouble here’ but luckily I wasn’t. 

He knew I was fair and it was just one of those things.”

Scott added with a big smile on his face: “I was also lucky as Bob [Dugard] only lined me up a couple of times in the tractor.”

Scott said this year’s Championship was very competitive.

“There’s always going to be a couple of weaker teams as in any sport,” he pointed out.

“However, within each of those teams they all have racers who can be spoilers and still make for a good night’s racing, no matter what the score line.”

Scott, who has begun the season in the top flight as an injury replacement for Jacob Thorsell at Wolverhampton said there was not a huge difference in standards between the Premiership and the Championship.

He said: “There’s not such a big void between the heat leaders and reserves. I’d say the biggest difference between the two leagues is at the reserves’ berths.

“Some of the teams in the Premiership have a Championship heat leader in a reserve spot, yet the top end of the teams aren’t hugely different. 

“In terms of the competitiveness of racing for the fans, both leagues are great.”

The week ahead

May 1: Birmingham v Fineprint Eagles in the match which will decide whether we make the semi-finals of the Championship Shield.

May 4: Leicester v Fineprint Eagles in the Championship; and


Sunday, May 5: The Fineprint Eagles v Leicester at Arlington Stadium in the Championship – start 3.30pm; gates open 1.45pm.

Image credits: Mike Hinves