Spillers are Eagles’ Assets

Daniel and Ethan Spiller have become full assets of Eastbourne Speedway.

Younger brother Ethan came into the Eagles’ team in mid-season last year and helped the club win both the league and KO Cup at NDL level.

Daniel also made a dramatic impact when he first came to Sussex in the club’s first year of National League racing.

The highlight was a paid 20 score from seven rides at Kent in August 2015.

Daniel and Ethan have signed for the Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles in readiness for when they finish their studies in Germany and can start professional careers as Eagles.

Both riders have the passion of being “once an Eagle, always an Eagle” that any riders who has ridden for the Arlington club always share.

Eastbourne director of speedway, Jon Cook, said: “This is more fantastic news and credit to Ian Jordan and, before that, Martin and Connor Dugard for enticing the undoubted talents of Daniel and Ethan to Arlington.

Business and commercial director Ian Jordan added: “We have a passion to recreate the famous Arlington Academy. 

“Two project strands are coming together.

“One will be the soon-to-be-launched Eastbourne team-builder lottery.

“This will combine a rider support group fund and a monthly lottery, paying out 50% of the proceeds to members; the remainder going to rider support. 

“This will help us to recruit and develop our own asset base of emerging young talent for the next generation.”

Mr Jordan said the second strand was based around his own company, SP2A Speedway and its growing sponsorship programme. 

“In 2019 we are assisting ten British riders, all with Eastbourne links,” he said.

“We are delighted that Daniel and Ethan are part of that group; hopefully for a long time.

“In 2020, our aim at SP2A Speedway will be to focus that support specifically on riders who actually ride for, or who are contractually attached to Eastbourne Speedway, so that we can give them maximum support for the benefit of them as riders, and the club in general. 

“It is fantastic news that Daniel and Ethan, supported by their parents (Kim and Graham) have committed their futures in UK speedway to Eastbourne.

“At SP2A Speedway we are delighted to be helping them in their European exploits in 2019, and, of course, hope to see them both in the blue and yellow of the Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles in the future, when their studies and European commitments allow.

“As a club, we look forward to increasing our asset base in the coming months and years, with the best and brightest UK-born talent.”