The Eagles 2020 Campaign

We would like to once again thank all of our wonderful Sponsors, Advertisers and Supporters for all of their help and support in 2019.

Without some remarkable generosity from our Sponsors and Advertisers along with our loyal, returning and new Supporters who boosted attendances at Arlington by over 50% season on season, we would not have been able to compete in 2019 and would not be able to consider competing again in 2020.

The Eagles 2020 Sponsorship & Advertising campaign.

As we look ahead to next season, we are therefore delighted to launch our “2020 Sponsorship and Advertising” campaign, which showcases many of the Sponsorship and Advertising options available for those returning and hopefully new companies, brands and individuals looking to support Eastbourne Speedway in 2020. 

In the coming weeks we will provide lots of detail about our progress in 2019 and the club’s hopes and aims for the 2020 season. 

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To begin, Paul Watson from our Media Team, interviewed Eagles Director Ian Jordan, about the Eagles 2020 Sponsorship & Advertising Campaign, and the club’s commercial aspirations and initiatives.

PW: Speedway is a year-round business but not a year-round sport in the UK. How does that impact clubs?

IJ: The off-season is a very difficult one for any speedway club as revenues pretty much dry up. Clearly, there are no home fixtures held and any of the outstanding current season bills and early bills for 2020 have to be paid.

With the launch of the 2020 Sponsorship & Advertising campaign, we will therefore, be in contact with all existing sponsors and advertisers to discuss 2020 and their plans.

We will also launch an Early Bird 2020 Season Ticket and 1/2 Season Ticket package in the coming weeks that will guarantee Season and 1/2 Season Tickets based on 2019 Admission Prices.

We will also be contacting all 2019 Heat Sponsors to see if they wish to reserve their spaces for 2020 and of course be actively seeking new advertising and sponsorship revenues and investment into the club.

Two New Initiatives:

It is, therefore, the right time to announce that at least two of our major existing Sponsorship opportunities will be available in 2020.

Les Fineing has been a major and long-term sponsor of the club for almost three decades and in 2019 finally saw his dream of having Fineprint as the Title Sponsor.

Les Fineing

During the year Les became a Director of Eastbourne Eagles Limited and will be making significant ongoing investment into the club on that basis.

In 2019 the Fineprint sponsorship delivered in excess of £25,000 in real term benefit to the club and for that we are most grateful. 

However, given his changing role and association as Director, Les has very graciously decided to allow us to seek a new TITLE SPONSOR in 2020 which will optimise our sponsorship revenues if we can find a suitable progressive go-ahead partner whose business aspirations and vision align with those of the club.

The decision to have race-suits (in our blue and yellow colours) in 2020 also optimises the branding options this will bring the successful applicant.

We also plan a far more professional Branding approach on and off the track, building on the aspirations of our long-term plan. 

We have also seen some incredible feedback, viewing figures and exposure from our new website (with in excess of 400,000-page views) and social media in 2019 and especially EAGLES TV. 

The whole new media package was funded in 2019 by my own SP2A Speedway Business and like Les, my financial investment in to the club will continue very much unabated as Director, both in financial terms and in the enormous number of man hours which are spent and free of charge as I take minimal expenses only. 

Therefore, we will be seeking a new MEDIA PARTNER to replace SP2A Speedway as headline sponsor for all media-based activities for which the viewing data is frankly incredible, and with an advertising scope and massive reach locally, nationally and internationally.

We are also offering a further Partner sponsorship package which provides bespoke and flexible options, air fence and new, external facing signage opportunities, Match Sponsorship, Programme advertising and Sponsorship, and a range of options for fans to get involved, including our “Supporters Air fence Wall” concept.

PW: Who did people contact to talk about these opportunities?

IJ:  2020 will be an exciting year both on and off track, as we look to build on the learnings and the successes of 2019.

The Team we will be able to build in 2020 and the long-term future of the project are directly impacted by the support we can get, so every penny is gratefully received and very much appreciated.

If anyone would like to chat to our Commercial Manager David Rollison or myself about these and any other Commercial Opportunities, however large or small in 2020 please contact us via e-mail at

If there are any additional requirements or a bespoke deal you’d like us to consider, again, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Image credits: Tiffani Graveling Photography & Mike Hinves