Tickets for Kings & Monarchs now available

Advance tickets for two further matches, the KO Cup clash against The Kent Kings (Sun 6th June – tapes up 3.30pm) and the Championship clash between The Eagles and The Edinburgh Monarchs (Sat 12th June – tapes up 7.30pm) are now available to purchase.

Eastbourne Speedway is strictly following Government DCMS (Department of Media Culture and Sport) and Local Authority Covid 19 Regulations.

They clearly state that from phase 4 of the Government roadmap to easement of all restrictions that will happen not before Monday 17 May 2021, outdoor Sporting Venues will be allowed restricted Crowds of up to 50%, or 4000 spectators, whichever is lower. 

This restriction will apply until at least Monday 21st June, the planned date of easement of all major restrictions. All dates are subject to continued assessment and possible slippage.

All Eastbourne speedway fixtures staged at Arlington therefore prior to at least Monday 21 June, the proposed date when all restrictions are eased, must therefore be ALL TICKET purchased in advance with no Cash / Card walk up facilities on the day of the event to ensure that the required legal protocols are met. 

We have no alternative but to adhere to this legal requirement as failure to do so could result in heavy fines and possibly Stadium closure.

We are instigating a phased release of tickets for matches prior to Monday 21st June 2021 from the beginning of March until the middle of April to spread the time available for spectators to purchase tickets.

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis and there will be regular updates regarding availability and remaining capacity. There is no guarantee that further Tickets will be made available once this tranche is sold out.

Please note: Season and 10 Match Ticket Holders do NOT need to pre-book, but should just turn up at the Stadium as normal and use the specially designated Gate.

Latest Ticket Update: (based on permissible reduced Crowd agreed currently with Local Authority)

Saturday 22nd May – Newcastle CL/NDL (Double Header) – 72% Sold / 28% remaining.

Saturday 29th May – Poole CL only – 70% Sold / 30% remaining.

Sunday 6/6/21 – Kent – KOC only  – On Sale from Tues 30th March

Saturday 12/6/21 – Edinburgh – CL only – On Sale from Tues 30th March

(next update Sunday 4th April 2021)

To purchase tickets please click on the images below or click here to visit the Online ticket store which also includes full terms and conditions.

Image Credits: Mike Hinves