Welcome to the new Fineprint Eagles website

We are proud to launch the new Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles website and Eagles TV (in conjunction with The Speedway Portal). 

The stand-out website has been designed and created by freelance Creative Director Ian Smalley with content and creative influence from the Eastbourne Eagles media team.

Eagles TV, born out of an idea from Connor Dugard, which has been picked up by the new management, has been created and designed by Andy Hague at The Speedway Portal, again with input from our media team.

The site’s launch puts us at the cutting edge of speedway and indeed sports media and is in tune with our bold new launch under new management in 2019.

Commercial Director Ian Jordan commented:

“To work with two such outstanding talents as Ian Smalley and Andy Hague has been an absolute pleasure for me.  

“Together with our outstanding media team, I believe we have got the potential for a fantastic media presence across our website, online TV and social media.

“The full potential of both the website and Eagles TV, which is online, will only be seen once the season starts once we have all of the riders together, photographed and interviewed.

“From then on, we will have regular news and features.

“What we launch today is very much a Version 1 of a planned 3-4 stage launch up to mid April and beyond.”

Ian explained that the full launch of the online Eagles TV allowed the club to share the excitement it has about a TV portal.

It will have some racing content and also include speedway documentary filmed at matches, some behind the scenes club and stadium insights, sponsor and advertiser features and has the scope to bring the club in all its facets to your TV, computer, laptop, tablet or phone 24×7.

“It will also revolutionise our interaction with sponsors and advertisers. 

“The full Eagles TV launch will be in mid-March, until then we have around five hours of archived material (much of it unseen) going back 15 years for you to enjoy,” Ian said.

“Transparency and connecting with supporters and sponsors, whenever possible, is a fundamental part of the club we are trying to create.

“The new website and Eagles TV is the perfect window in to that aim.

“The website puts us right to the forefront of the genre and we have exciting plans for a further enhancement and upgrade to coincide with the Fans Forum and Track Staff Meeting on February 3, both of which will also feature on Eagles TV.

“I cannot thank Ian and Andy and everyone else involved, especially Paul Watson, for their help in the past 8-10 weeks on this project.  

“We hope that you will enjoy it.”

As part of the BSPA process of updating all club website domain names, The Eagles website URL has now been changed to a new domain: https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com The previous Eagles website address will re-direct to the the new address until July 2019