Air fence Advertising with The Eagles in 2020

As The Eastbourne Eagles continue to prepare for the forthcoming Championship season, we are delighted to offer a January saving on a number of Air Fence advertising opportunities at Arlington in 2020

Our fence banners are an ideal medium to promote your company across Sussex and beyond. Situated in prime locations on the bends of the main Arlington speedway track, each air fence banner is strategically placed to increase the exposure of your brand.

Along with being seen by around 25,000 people at Arlington during the season, they also feature across our Media Partner coverage, including regular action reports on ITV Meridian (29 media reports in 2019), and on our own channel Eagles TV (average web page viewing time 5 mins).

In addition, all of our media reports include action shots, with air fence banners seen in our weekly press reporting in publications such as The Argus, The Eastbourne Herald & the Sussex Express, across websites such as the BSPA and all Championship sites, and specialist publications, such as The Speedway Star. 

We also include extensive use of still and video media featuring air fence shots across our website (including news features, meeting previews & reports and Galleries) our Mailing Lists and our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram social media channels throughout the week.

Air fence Banners (track facing)

We provide complete design and production of your air fence at £350.00 per season for 1 panel + extra panels at £200.00 per season, including set up costs.  A saving of £50 per option.

Corner Banking Signage (external facing)

We can also provide additional signage options around the perimeter of the track.

Perimeter Air fence, facing the popular first and second bends adjacent to the pits:

Price: £600.00 per season, including set up cost, a saving of £150– with extra panels at £300 per season, a saving of £200

Speedway Straight Advertising

(external facing on back of wooden speedway safety fence):

Home Straight £500 per season

Back Straight £350 per season (includes set up costs) –

Extra panels at £300.00 (Home Straight) and £200 (back straight) per season

A-Frame Advertising

Positioned on the Centre Green in direct view of the home and back straights, and the Hailsham bends.

Costs: £1000 per season, including design & set up costs (a saving of £200)

Click here to view our Stadium Layout Guide which outlines the key position of the internal and external facing banners at Arlington Stadium, along with a range of additional Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities.

For further information, and to discuss our Air fence or A-Frame opportunities, please contact us at

Main image credit: Tiffani Graveling