Alfie Bowtell update

The latest update on Alfie via his Facebook page. All at The Eagles send our best wishes to Alfie. Get well soon

I would like to thank Ian Jordan and Trevor Geer for taking me to the hospital after a nightmare ambulance service at Newcastle speedway.

I hit my knee pretty hard which dislocated my kneecap, they tried getting it back in at the track but could not.

After a long night at Newcastle hospital having X-rays , I was finally let go where Connor Dugard drove me the whole way home (you absolute hero!)

I have had a long day at Harlow hospital getting more X-rays/scans and finally they managed to get my kneecap back in place.

However my knee is too swollen to see the extent to the ligament damage so I have a follow up appointment in 10 days where they can clarify my recovery time.

Thanks for all the messages

Image credits Mike Hinves