Christmas Day for Eastbourne’s Three Wise Eagles

We’ve opened a few Christmas crackers and out popped the Three Wise Eagles of Eastbourne Speedway.

Ian Jordan, Trevor Geer and Will Pottinger tell us about their Christmases in this opening feature.

When it comes to Christmas Day, is it:

The Queen’s Speech or The Royle Family? 

Ian:  The Royle Family

Trevor: The Queen’s Speech  –  unless Only Fools and Horses is on

Will: The Royle Family

Turkey or nut roast? 

Ian: Turkey

Trevor: Turkey

Will: Turkey

Real Christmas tree or fake tree?

Ian: Real Christmas tree

Trevor: Fake. Far less mess

Will: Fake Christmas tree

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing or [Slade] Merry Xmas Everybody?

Ian: Got to be Noddy…Slade

Trevor: Slade.  Although, my nephew has a company called Hark the Herald which does very well over Christmas period

Will: Slade, Merry Christmas Everybody

Custard or cream with Christmas pudding?

Ian:  I hate Christmas pudding so just the custard please

Trevor: Custard any day

Will: Custard with Christmas pudding

You will be able to read more from The Three Wise Eagles in this fun series over the holiday period PLUS two big question and answer articles with Ian Jordan.