Secrets of The Three Wise Eagles

Wishing all Eagles fans, sponsors, riders, track staff, volunteers and Management a very Merry Christmas and a safe & prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing you all at Arlington in 2020.

Secrets of The Three Wise Eagles

Many of you will have played Secret Santa at the works/office Christmas parties. Well, we played a different sort of Secret Santa and asked Ian Jordan, Trevor Geer and Will Pottinger to reveal one secret about themselves.

Secret revealed: Ian Jordan

I’ve always saw myself as a bit of an impressionist, my current favourite is Tommy Shelby [Peaky Blinders] but all time favourites are Brains from Thunderbirds….”I I I I I  ttttthhhiinnkk we’ve got a problem Mr Tracey”…(you have to be a certain age to get it LOL) ; Sting (singing “Message in a Bottle”) and Harold Wilson!

I also appear from time to time in a Blues Brothers Tribute Act, have graduated from Cab Calloway (Minnie the Moocher) to Joliet Jake Blues.

Secret revealed: Trevor Geer

There have been many amusing moments, but we must keep it clean. There I was a time in America when we were on a family vacation.

I was summoned up on stage in front of quite a large audience. I had to bark like a dog and jump round and round at the same time. I was not amused, but the 1,000 or so in the audience along with the family were in hysterics. I was then ordered to sit, which I duly did,  only to be told “Not here, back in your seat”.

For the remainder of that holiday I was recognised many times with fits of laughter. That was most embarrassing for me and highly amusing for the family.

Secret revealed: Will Pottinger

My favourite TV programme is Emmerdale.

We will have more from this series between Christmas and the new year.

On Friday, part one of a detailed Q and A with Ian Jordan about the results of the fans’ survey carried out at the end of the season.

Well worth a read . . . it’s certainly one to sit down with a cup coffee to enjoy.