Eagles Merchandise Range 20/21

We are pleased to be able to launch the 2020 / 2021 Clothing Range from Corporate Connection from today, along with Metallic Badges and Model Bikes and also a Limited Edition 90th Anniversary Metallic Badge. 

These are very difficult times for us all and amongst all of the issues that Covid19 has bought, “uncertainty” may not be top of the list but from a Business and Commercial perspective it is a major issue and it impacts on Customer Service too, so we are eager to make anticipated “Customer Delivery Guidelines” crystal clear and to amend them as necessary at all times.

Every item from every Supplier in the Range is currently available in terms of Stock. If Items are not in Stock they will be removed from the Merchandise Store until availability is guaranteed, and other lines we have planned will be added from time to time as they are not currently guaranteed Stock. This means that you can Order with Confidence!

Delivery Guideline times at the moment are 14 working days (usually 7 working day) and most of this allowance is due to known “postal delivery” delays and not in manufacturing time.

Items are purchased and made “to order”. This reduces the need for costly stock.

As items are made “to order” there is NOT a general Returns Policy. To help you to gauge sizing; if you hover your mouse or finger over every item in the Corporate Connection Store, you will see specific details of what sizes are available and in many cases what Chest Size that refers to. (the colour options are not relevant as the chosen colour is that shown).

The badges are clearly identified as Embroidered or Transfer and some produce is “subliminal printing” (printed into the fabric). The delivery time on these is slightly longer at the moment at around 20 working days but this should reduce substantially once all Clothing and Garment Manufacturers return to normal Production numbers.

We have again ensured that all Garments are top quality BRANDED lines. Leading premium brands like Regatta, Dickies, Result, Kustom Kit & Beachfield.

What you will receive is a top quality product with top quality badges, unlike some Sporting Clubs, who will send a cheap t-Shirt with a Print on it.

These are difficult times financially so we have made 2 key decisions with 2020 Merchandise.

(a)  with great uncertainty about when, or indeed if the 2020 season may commence we have decided to make all Merchandise relevant for 2020 and 2021.

(b) with many suffering financial hardship we have cut margins to the minimum so ensure best possible affordability. We have also closely compared like for like garments / like for like quality / with other Speedway Clubs and made our Product Range extremely competitive Price wise with all rivals. There are some PREMIUM Quality items that some Clubs do not Offer, but with those too we have priced as competitively as we can.

ALL PRICES are what you pay and include VAT and Post and Packaging. Posting and Delivery where possible is with DHL – regarded by most as the best in the Business. (you will not receive Eastbourne Eagles merchandise in an unmarked white van and have it thrown over a fence!).

Corporate Connection have a fully manned Helpline to answer and deal with any queries that you may have and gained an excellent reputation last season.

We have introduced 3 segments of Merchandise for 2020/2021.


Team Wear is what will be provided to The Team and Management for 2020/2021 seasons. It is produced by DICKIES a market leading premium brand with an excellent reputation from the USA.

The TEAM WEAR is a limited Edition Range that will also be made available to Supporters and you can Order in confidence as when Stocks run low we will advise and update on the website.


CLUB EASTBOURNE is the general and core range with items from leading manufacturers like Regatta; Result ; AWD ; Beachfield. The Kustom Kit shirts and Result Core jackets are particularly recommended for their quality and durability.

(Managing Director Ian Jordan has told us “I ordered Kustom Kit and Result Core merchandise for my SP2A operation around 3 years ago and can’t speak too highly of its quality and durability. After 3 years hard wear and regular washing all items are as good as new, colour fast and gleaming”)


EASTBOURNE RETRO RANGE is a Limited Edition Range specifically to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The Club 1929 – 2019 with a unique Badge design and in deliberately chosen neutral colours.

The Garments are Premium Quality for longevity and seen as a long term leisure garment to commemorate the history of the Club and the 90 years and also the launch of the ex-riders Association. As with the Team Wear you can order in the confidence that Stocks are available as when they start to run low we will advise and update on the website.

The sublimated t-shirts (short and long sleeve) are likely to be a very popular option.

These are manufactured and produced in the UK to ensure premium quality. They can be ordered immediately, but delivery time may be a little longer (maximum 20 working days at the moment likely to be around 10 working days soon).

As with all Orders they will be dispatched by Corporate Connection and they will be able to confirm approx delivery times on receipt of payment.

They are currently Limited Edition with 50 of each (short and long sleeve) available.

Further bulk order of 50 units will be made if there is significant demand to ensure delivery service standards are maintained.

To purchase please REGISTER and LOG IN to the secure and encrypted Corporate Connection website. This carries highest level of security encryption. All Customer Service Enquiries can be sent to Corporate Connection whose e-mail and telephone numbers are clearly shown on the Order Document and website.

With the great uncertainty about if and when actual Racing starts in 2020 there will be an update on what Stock may (or may not be available in the Track Shop) only when we have some certainty about Fixtures and commencement of the 2020 season.

It is intended that the new Track Shop in The Speedway Hub will carry “Display Items” when it does open, and we will have facility to Order ONLINE via the Corporate Connection website, to arrange delivery to your Home Address or to the Track Shop for the next Meeting. For the immediate future, for obvious reasons, the Clothing and all Merchandise will be MAIL ORDER only.

Finally, the Metallic Badges, Model Speedway Bikes and Facemasks are only currently available via The Eagles using the contact E-mail below each product.

Click here to view the 2020/21 Merchandise range