Eagles Statement: Season and 10 Match Tickets

Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles Management has issued the following statement to clarify its REFUND Policy for 2020 Season + 10-Match Tickets

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect all sports and specifically the attendance of the general public at events for the foreseeable future.

We are encouraged by some very positive and proactive steps being taken by the BSPA/SCB in the background to ensure that Speedway is ready and has the flexibility to act quickly – once Government guidelines permit the commencement of our Sport.

This will, of course, depend on when crowd restrictions are eased, allowing us to return to what will become a new normality. 

Clearly, we have to wait and see at this time as the only certainty is uncertainty.

As mentioned in our Press Release on the 25th of April, we will be issuing a Survey to all Registered Supporters over the weekend and the feedback will help us to plan ahead and to ensure that ALL Supporter views are noted. (if you are not registered, click here to register – it is quick, easy and free to do)

We have, however, decided to announce a clear and concise and transparent REFUND POLICY regarding 2020 Season Tickets and 10-Match Tickets.

Our commercial proposition will be to class 2020 and 2021 as “one season”. This will be the case whether we have any Speedway Racing in 2020 or not.

In respect of Season and 10-Match Tickets this means that they will apply to ALL MATCHES in 2020 and 2021

If there are any Matches in 2020 admission with any 2020 Season Ticket or 2020 10-Match Ticket will be FREE of Charge. 

The 2020 Season and 10-Match Ticket will then be available and valid for ALL 2021 Matches and in the case of the 10-Match Ticket – the FIRST Match counted will be the first Match attended in 2021 and NOT any Match attended in 2020 which will be classed as FREE.

Your 2020 Ticket will not be replaced but will be valid so please keep them safe!

We hope that supporters who have taken up either a Season Ticket or 10-Match Ticket option will agree that this is a good and honest attempt to look after our fans in the best way possible.

However, we do fully appreciate that some supporters may be experiencing financial difficulty at this time and may wish to have a FULL REFUND. 

We will therefore be writing to ALL Season and 10-Match Season Ticket Holders on June 1, 2020, to make a formal offer of a FULL REFUND. 

Anyone wishing to take this option will then be able to advise us in writing from June 1 to June 10, 2020, enabling us to issue any Refunds by Saturday June 20, 2020. 

Anyone having a FULL REFUND will, therefore, revert to having to pay on a match-by-match basis for any fixtures in 2020 and 2021. 

We will not be making any Season Tickets available in the coming winter that are equal or lower value to the offer prior to the 2020 season. 

Please wait if possible for us to contact you on June 1st. 

If you are, however, in extreme financial hardship please contact us by e-mail here in complete confidence.

We will also commencing communication with all Sponsors, Racesuit Sponsors, Heat Sponsors; Rider Support and other Advertising / Sponsorship sponsors in the week commencing Monday, May 18, to make a similar offer. 

We remain hopeful that a scenario may evolve where we can have Speedway Racing at Arlington in 2020 in some form, clearly the conditions that may facilitate this are totally beyond our control. 

We will endeavour to keep all Supporters and Sponsors updated with developments at all times where possible.

We thank you as always for your incredible support, it is very much appreciated, we are in this together..

We continue to build on and off the track for the 2020 and 2021 seasons with a number of initiatives announced in the past few weeks and more in the pipeline.

Image Credit: Mike Hinves