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Media Partner Revealed

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Eastbourne Speedway has a new Title Sponsor and a new Media Partner.

Announcing the details, Eagles Director, Ian Jordan, said:

“Before formally announcing the new Title and Media Sponsors for 2020, which will be followed by news of our other major Partners later in the week, it is important to pay a massive tribute to Les Fineing and Fineprint for the wonderful and ongoing and past support of the club.

“Les (Fineing) had always had a dream to be Title Sponsor.

“In 2019, his overall sponsorship package was one of, if not the biggest in the club’s history and during 2019 he became a Director of the promoting company [Eastbourne Eagles Limited]. 

“The contribution from Les has, therefore, increased in terms of the financial responsibility of being a Director and share acquisition.”

He and Fineprint remain a fundamental part of this era of the Eastbourne Eagles’ history.”

Jordan continued:

“I am delighted to announce HG Aerospace Engineering Limited as the 2020 Title Sponsor. 

“The development of the very successful Community Project, superbly organised by David Rollison and his team of volunteers, was a major success in 2019.

“It will provide the blueprint for the future and, we hope, secure the medium and long-term future of the Club, long after we are gone. 

“None of that would have been possible without the support, advice and vital financial backing of George and Michael Gray.”

He said George and Michael had very deeply held views about “community” and helping young people and those less well advantaged.

“As Title Sponsor, they have given us a wonderful financial package to help us develop the club, its ethos and to build a base for success on and off the track. 

“We are working, with their support on something that won’t just be an evolution of our ‘community’ project, but which we genuinely hope will smash through the glass ceiling in terms of scope and opportunity to market Speedway and specifically Eastbourne Speedway,” Jordan said.

“George has been a long-term benefactor of Speedway at Eastbourne and various riders in the past and Michael is clearly determined to push the family and company tradition forwards and we cannot thank them enough for their support.”

Media Partner

Eastbourne Speedway’s new Media Partner is Marston’s – a major UK Brewer with an annual turnover in excess of £1 billion. 

Last season, the Eagles enjoyed some fantastic support from The Holly Blue Pub and Carvery at Stone Cross and Leigh Capon, the Manager of The Holly Blue, was a constant source or help and inspiration. 

Jordan continued: “When we sat down and analysed their support of the Club at the end of last season, it was staggering to realise that they had not only supported the Speedway team financially, but handed out in excess of £20,000 worth of free offers and vouchers to Eastbourne Speedway.

“The fact that the beneficiaries of this were you, our supporters, is a fantastic endorsement of some wonderful support and also a perfect model for any sports club.”

The very positive impact on turnover at The Holly Blue did not go unnoticed by Marston’s.

“We are delighted that they are both happy for us to use the full company branding in 2020, but also increase the supporter benefits by opening up the Vouchers / Discounts and Offer to similar Marston’s outlets in Hastings, Shoreham and Crawley, opening up new opportunities for significant numbers of our supporters who live closer to those locations than they do to the Eastbourne and Hailsham areas. 

“We passionately believe that the relationship between Sponsor and Advertiser and the Club should not be “take” but also, where possible, deliver increased awareness and sales for the Sponsor and Advertiser, and in this case the tangible benefits for both parties have resulted in a major UK company, with global brands offering to increase its support, not only of the club, but for you, our wonderful supporters,” Jordan said.

He said the success of the project would be rolled out to other Speedway clubs as Leigh was relocating to the North Midlands.

The ongoing support for Eastbourne is assured and Eastbourne Speedway wish Leigh every success in his new job and surroundings.

“I’m sure we will see him at Arlington whenever possible, as well as his successor at The Holly Blue and the other Marston’s establishments.

Later in the week we will introduce you to further main Sponsors, including our new “Powered by” Sponsor and on Saturday we will launch the 2020 Race Suit with a lot more exciting news in the following few weeks   

HG Aerospace

HG Aerospace is based at St Leonard’s, near Hastings, and manufactures and supplies components for military and commercial aerospace companies around the world.

Managing director, Michael Gray, said: “HG is fortunate to be in a position where we can sponsor something we are passionate about and we want to see Eastbourne and Speedway thrive.

“Last season, I believe, was a great success with the community programme and HG want to see this maintained and we hope other clubs see how successful it has been and promote the sport as well as Eastbourne. 

“Speedway is so unpredictable – that’s what I like about the sport.

“The team looks good, its great to see youth mixed with experience and hopefully we will see a good season.”

To learn more about HG Aerospace click here

Marston’s Brewery

Leigh Capon said: “Having been a speedway supporter for over 35 years, I know how important the Eastbourne Eagles are to our local community. 

“Having the opportunity to back the Eagles on their journey back into the professional league and showcase the Holly Blue and Marston’s to the supporters has been rewarding for all involved. 

“We are proud to be continuing our sponsorship with the Eastbourne Eagles through Marston’s and the Holly Blue and I am looking forward to showcasing some of our other Sussex pubs and restaurants to supporters over the new season. 

“I truly believe that Speedway is the most entertaining, thrilling and family friendly motorsport in the world and I am working with Marston’s to help promote the sport to our guests in our pubs, restaurants and hotels on a national basis over the next couple of years.”

To learn more about Marston’s Brewery, click here

New Eagles Club logo.

We have tried to keep our promise to keep the Club Logo as close as possible to 2019.

We will produce all clothing Merchandise with and without the Sponsors Logo for maximum choice; as we know that some fans are very keen to have the full Badge and Sponsor Logo, whilst others are passionate about having just a plain badge. We obviously want to give maximum exposure to all of our Sponsors but have tried to cater for all views.

The short time to prepare everything before the 2019 season, (we only had about 6 weeks from final acceptance to the opening meeting), meant that we didn’t have full high definition versions or full ownership of the 2019 logo design.

This winter, we have asked the hugely respected Barry Cross to create a new variation on the same basic theme which we will use for the foreseeable future. 

This incorporates the Clubs historic Blue and Yellow colours; whose return was very well received by the vast majority of supporters, the same Eagle design as 2019 which retains the retro style of 2019 but with more modern lines incorporating everything in to what we think is a stunning and unique Club Badge. 

Image Credits: Tiffani Graveling Photography