Five More Partners for HG Aerospace Eagles

Eastbourne Speedway has announced five more Partners for the 2020 season.

They are:

Robins of Herstmonceux

Turner Engineering /


M. Shuttlewood Ltd

Fineprint (Sussex)

This follows Tuesday‘s announcement of HG Aerospace as the Title Sponsor and Marston’s Brewery as the media partner.

Eagles Director Ian Jordan said:

“It is great news for us that Robins of Herstmonceux are back to support us in 2020 after returning in 2019. 

“I am aware that Mick has not been very well and we hope to hear that Mick is on the road to full recovery soon. 

“There will be a special feature on Robins as a company and a look back on their wonderful support both to Eastbourne Speedway and to Edward (Kennett) before the start of the season.

“This will be part of a series of features that we will do throughout the summer looking more closely at our sponsors and their affiliation and loyalty to the club the sport in general.”

Jordan said it had been lovely to meet Richard and Frida Turner during 2019 and to welcome them back to the club as sponsors. 

“During the winter I know that Richard and Frida met with Cameron and Joonas who were visiting the UK and their interest in speedway and their support of the Eastbourne HG Aerospace Eagles seems to have been re-ignited,” Jordan said.

“We have also discussed some very interesting technical innovations with Richard that are used to great affect in other forms of Motor Sport and we are hoping to implement some of them, to the benefit of our team and technical staff, over the course of the 2020 season. 

“It is great to have such feedback and interest from someone with very extensive technical knowledge.”

Corporate Connections were very welcome new additions to both our sponsors’ group and also as Merchandise Partners in 2019,” Jordan said.

“Although not locally based, Simon and Chris and their family quickly became Eagles followers, watching us at Arlington and at some away fixtures. 

“Our online merchandising platform worked very well in 2019 with generally very positive feedback. 

“We and Corporate-Connection learned a lot and with a refined and exciting product range planned for 2020, which will include both modern and retro lines and also an Exclusive Range and something completely unique (we think for Speedway) in the planning and production stages, we hope to become a deeper and more innovating partnership and we would recommend Corporate-Connection as workwear clothing providers to any company, however large or small, Jordan said.

Eastbourne could not have launched in to the Championship this time last year without significant and much appreciated input from the Lakeside Hammers, both on and off the track. 

Jordan continued: “The opportunity to work with the outstandingly talented Ian Smalley in particular was and is a huge bonus for us. 

“Hammers supporters are always most welcome at Arlington and M Shuttlewood Limited gave us a great deal of help and assistance in 2019 not only financially but also in very practical ways, such as production of and covering the cost of the PitBoards etc. 

“Russell is a massive supporter of Jason Edwards too and played not a small part in helping us to secure Jason’s services and signature as an Asset last summer. 

“It is wonderful for us to welcome Russell and M Shuttlewood back in 2020, and we hope to see a lot of Hammers fans at Arlington again this coming season, and personally and as a Club we will support their attempts to return to League Speedway in any way we can.

“Last but never least as as we mentioned the other day, fundamental to all we do is Les Fineing and Fineprint. 

“We will continue to do all we can to promote Fineprint as a business and Les’s help, assistance, continued good humour and friendship is one of the best by-products that Chris and I have enjoyed since coming to the Club in the middle of 2018 and long may it continue.

Les Fineing

“We have a wonderful and much appreciated group of major Sponsors and Partners for 2020. We cannot be complacent and neither must we be greedy but Speedway in this era is not a way to get rich or make money.

At best we seek to break even and to provide enjoyment for our Supporters in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. 

“So if you have a business or know of one that may like to sponsor us, or to advertise, or just to contribute “in kind” any support or help would be much appreciated, and every penny helps to build and sustain the Club and allows us to hope and dream and to plan ahead in to the medium and long term future.”

Tomorrow the 2020 Racesuit will be launched and we hope that you will like it.

There’s lots more to come in the next few weeks with news for supporters and about some very exciting Community projects and The New Speedway Hub at Arlington.

Turner Engineering /

Turner Engineering managing director, Richard Turner, said the Eastbourne Speedway sponsorship was part of a much wider advertising and business opportunities portfolio.

He first came to Arlington in 1999 and over time stepped up his interest by sponsoring David Norris and assisting Joonas Kylmakorpi and Cameron Woodward with their world long track campaigns.

The company sponsored the Eagles in the Elite League and returned midway through last season.

“There is such a good atmosphere at Eastbourne; it is almost like going ‘home’,” he said.

“There is not too much political correctness or ‘wokeness’. It is an oasis from that sort of thing.”


Director of Corporate-Connection, Simon Sprason, said: “Great to be part of the Eastbourne Eagles for the second year.

Through our involvement with Ian Jordan, we are looking to get 2020 off to a flying start. 

“Having watched the sport from an early age, Speedway has always been a part of my DNA. 

“Given the opportunity to work with Eastbourne again combines the very two things I am passionate about, ‘Speedway’ and the supply of Club Merchandise. 

“We created something unique for the Eastbourne fans last year, the first online ordering service to deliver merchandise direct to your door. 

“We believe the fans deserve more, and we are working hard to deliver a great new range for the 2020 season. 

Watch this space.”

On behalf of everyone at the business, he wished the Eastbourne Speedway team the very best of luck in the forthcoming season and “pledge our continued support throughout”. 

M. Shuttlewood Ltd

Russell Keetch, operations director of M. Shuttlewood Ltd, said: “M. Shuttlewood Ltd is pleased to continue its sponsorship of the Eagles in 2020.

“As a long-term sponsor of Lakeside Hammers it was natural to follow former Hammers to the Eagles nest after discussions with Ian Jordan.

“Coupled with our continued sponsorship of Jason Edwards, we are looking forward to forging further links with the club.  

“The team is well balanced for 2020, with established riders, a good middle order and bags of potential at reserve – and it’s full of Brits.”

Fineprint (Sussex) Ltd

Les Fineing, managing director of Fineprint (Sussex) Ltd, who is also a Director of Eastbourne Speedway Ltd, the promoting company, said he had been associated with the club since the early 1980s.

“It has been in my blood ever since and I love my speedway and the Eagles.

“Eastbourne is a club of 90 years plus standing and it is great being part of a team that has such history and long-standing in the sport.”

Image Credits: Mike Hinves & Tiffani Graveling Photography