Eagles Reach 4TT Final

Eastbourne reached the final of the Championship Fours this afternoon (June 23) at Peterborough.

The Fineprint Eagles successfully navigated the 22-heat qualifying section of the competition at the East of England Showground to go head-to-head with Somerset, Glasgow and Sheffield – three teams reckoned to be the big ‘beasts’ of the second tier of British speedway.

SOMERSET 22: Nico Covatti 8, Chris Harris 7, Rory Schlein 6, Todd Kurtz 1. 
SHEFFIELD 19 (second after run-off): Danny King 7, Kyle Howarth 4, Ty Proctor 4, Broc Nicol 4, Drew Kemp 0. 
GLASGOW 19: Craig Cook 9, Rasmus Jensen 5, Paul Starke 4, Claus Vissing 1.
EASTBOURNE 12: Richard Lawson 6, Edward Kennett 4, Lewis Kerr 2, Kyle Newman 0.

Image Credit: Tiffani Graveling Photography