Eagles TV: Your Speedway Channel

Eagles TV is a completely new multi-media TV channel dedicated to the Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles.

It has been developed in conjunction with the highly acclaimed and ground-breaking Speedway Portal, with initial support from SP2A Speedway.

Eagles TV will cover all major events and launches linked to Eastbourne Speedway.

Look out for:

  • Documentary filming of pre and post-match interviews on race days;
  • Special features;
  • News; and 
  • Some racing action. 

We will also be letting you into the secrets of what goes on in the background to make a speedway team work.

Eagles TV will also have rider profiles, looking at their lives both on and off the track; big special features, archive footage from our 90 years of speedway at Arlington PLUS interaction with all of our supporters, sponsors and advertisers.

Commercial opportunities 

From a sponsors and advertisers perspective, we will be happy to prepare and show advertisements and features and make riders and management available to visit you and your companies.

We will also show innovative clips and marketing promotions to help our sponsors and advertisers boost their business through our “Helping you to Help Us” initiative. 

At Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles we DON’T believe that sponsorship and advertising is just about you helping the speedway club.

That is, of course, very much appreciated.

However, we want to go the extra lap and we will help you too to grow your business and attract new clients by asking our supporters and followers to support and follow you.

We have some exciting features lined up, including exclusive footage of our brilliant new range of merchandising and badges being actually prepared and readied for dispatch.

There will be extensive coverage, with never seen before access and angles of our Press and Practice Day on April 2.

Advertising on Eagles TV

There are three ways in which you can advertise on Eagles TV:

  • Advertising will be on the dedicated Eagles TV webpage on our website
  • Advertising will be included on Eagles TV output
  • Our Associate Partner Packages will include the option (included in price) for some filmed advertisements shown on Eagles TV Features

Associate Partner packages cost £500 for a full year (from date of inclusion) or Direct Debit/Standing order of £60 per month (no cancellation period required).

Standard Advertising packages cost £40 per month by Direct Debit / Standing Order (no cancellation period required)

We also have a UNIQUE opportunity for someone to become MEDIA PARTNER of Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles in 2019.

As with our other sponsorship & advertising opportunities, if you would like to learn more about how Eagles TV can help to promote your brand or business, please contact us via e-mail commercial@eastbourne-speedway.com or click here to fill in contact form on our Commercial page.