Eagles under new Management

Eastbourne Speedway will move into a new era of the club under a new management team. The news comes shortly after the signings of 4 riders today. The former management of Martin & Connor Dugard are now moving aside to let Jon Cook take full reigns of the Speedway at Arlington after announcing that he will be taking the Eagles into the Championship.

Former Club Chairman Martin Dugard explains “Speedway has been my life for many years, I’ve watched, raced, mentored and managed. The past 4 years have been an eye opener but I have thoroughly enjoyed it with the help from the family and my partner Sarah.

We’ve made some great friends and memories along the way and it’s now time for myself and Connor to step aside and let someone implement their view on it. I’ll still be working very closely with Tom Brennan and hopefully we can take his career to the next level.”

Connor Dugard explains the situation “We achieved what we set out to do 4 seasons ago and that was the following: maintain speedway at Eastbourne at any level, bring on new talent and win all that there was to win as a 7-man team. That was our 5-year plan with Paul Goldsmith and my Dad.

We won the KO CUP 4 times, the NT, the league and the Gold Cup. 7 trophies in 4 years isn’t bad going and if anyone was ever to ask me who was the best team in National League Speedway across the last 4 years it was us. As even when we didn’t win the league in those other 3 seasons we made every Final!

My services were no longer needed at Eastbourne whether that be as a promoter or team manager and I’m okay with that I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and some of my ideas are a bit out there and the out of the box thinking with rider signings differs from the norm but it must have done something right as I’ve helped construct a few other teams in the NL already this year when I’ve been asked for advice from other Promoters and Team Managers.

Both my Dad and I have other business’ and ventures and they need more attention now, for me JC Pro Race Wear that I co-own with my friend Jay Pearce is set to reach new heights next year and that now needs my full attention. Dad has his Speedway Spares business that has looking to develop too in the next few months and hopefully it pays off for both of us. We’ve got other things in the pipeline too.”

Connor speaking on behalf of both him and Martin: “We both wish Jon Cook and Ian Jordan the very best with their move into the Championship, they both know that we are here if ever they need any advice and we will always help where we can!

The side they have built looks good and we hope that you will all support the new riders and management in years to come! A final thank you to our loyal sponsors over the years IT First & Forman IT, Fineprint, SP2A and all the fans that turned out week in and week out to support the team and of course all the staff that have helped us in whatever role you have taken. I’m sure we will see you around at Arlington in 2019!”