January 50/50 Club draw

The following numbers in white are currently available and have not as yet been reclaimed / paid for – (all previous Number holders have been contacted by Message and/or Mail – If you still wish to re-reserve please respond quickly by replying RESERVE and the Number on the Facebook post here – we will then message you Payment details.)

Updated 11am 31st December

If you did not take part in the December 50/50 draw, the process is simple. Click here to view the Facebook post – check the available numbers; check it has NOT been reserved in the comments below, reply RESERVE and the number(s) and we’ll send you payment details privately by Facebook Messenger.

Each number costs £10.00.

The closing date is midday on the 1st of January, with the draw posted live on our Facebook channel later in the day on the 1st of January 2021.

(if you see the post on a Shared or Copied Facebook Page it is vitally important that you go to the Official Eastbourne Speedway Facebook Thread above to reserve your number, otherwise your reservation may not be seen or acted upon)

Thank You as ever for your support.