Looking Back with Eastbourne’s Three Wise Eagles

We asked Ian Jordan, Trevor Geer and Will Pottinger about the 2019 season in a 5-1 questionnaire (five happy days, one bad one).

The Fabulous Five (my best moments of 2019)

Ian Jordan

1 Edward’s Heat 15 win at Leicester in the KO Cup and his reaction!

2 Jason and Alfie 5-1 at Glasgow in KOC R2 Away (our best team performance of the season imho)

3 Winning the Qualifying Round of the Fours at Peterborough (Top of the 11 teams in first stage)

4 Richard and Lewi’s 5-1 v Sheffield at Home in Heat 15 against all the odds

5 Seeing so many new fans, youngsters and families and so many coming back to see Speedway again and again

The Nightmare One

1 Tom’s injury, standing there feeling helpless and, worst than that ,the week that followed that got very serious at one point.

The Fabulous Five (my best moments of 2019)

Trevor Geer

1 Last GP at Torun.  I would thoroughly recommend this trip with Travel Plus Tours to anyone.

2 Meeting many ex-Eastbourne riders/lodgers and friends at the GP along with old racing buddies from the 70s.

3 Seeing the Eagles beat Leicester in round 2 of the KOC which stopped Leicester achieving a clean sweep in all competitions.

4 Doing the Northern tour this year with a great bunch of riders and visiting tracks I have not been to since racing in the seventies. Also, seeing and meeting so many traveling supporters from Eastbourne on the tour.

5 Being involved at Eastbourne  along with Ian, Will and the team and enjoying speedway again. 2020 will be special.

The Nightmare One

1 Winning away at Newcastle and not being there to witness it.   Ian and I were at the Gateshead hospital with injured Alfie Bowtell. When we left the stadium with Alfie we looked well beat and we were gobsmacked we heard the final score.

Will Pottinger

The Fabulous Five (my best moments of 2019)

1 Beating Glasgow on aggregate to reach the final of the Championship Shield

2 Edward winning heat 15 at Leicester to see us progress into the semi final of the Knockout Cup

3 Winning our away league match at Newcastle

4 Qualifying for the Finals of the Championship Fours

5 Lewis Kerr enjoying an injury free season and the improvement shown by Kyle Newman after being dumped by Birmingham

The Nightmare One

1 Losing to Leicester and Glasgow at home and not being able to pick up points away from home effectively cost us a play off place.