Happy New Year as Eastbourne’s Three Wise Eagles Predict

Wishing all of our fans, riders, sponsors, volunteers and all of those associated with our sport, a very Happy New Year and a safe and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing you all Trackside at Arlington in 2020.

A message from Les Fineing:

As the festive season draws to a close, we ask the Three Wise Eagles – Ian Jordan, Trevor Geer and Will Pottinger – to gaze into their crystal balls and make some predictions for 2020.

New Year Predictions

In 2020:

Who will become World Speedway Champion?

Ian: Leon Madsen

Trevor: Would love to see Tai Woffinden win the World Championship again

Will: Tai Woffinden

Who will win the Premiership?

Ian: Swindon

Trevor: Sheffield could be the team to beat in the Premiership,  although I always have a soft spot for Wolverhampton. Chris Van Stratten and Peter Adams run a tight ship at Wolves and because of this they are there in the top flight year after year. They thoroughly deserve another win.

Will: Sheffield

Who will win the Championship (after Play Offs)?

Ian: Eastbourne, of course 

Trevor: I would have to say Eastbourne. The team is looking pretty solid for 2020

Will: Eastbourne

Which Eagle will finish with the highest average? 

Ian: I dream they will all average 8.50 and we’ll worry about 2021 surrounded by silverware

Trevor: Any one of the top 5 could finish the season at No.1

Will: Richard Lawson