On 2 minutes with Josh Warren

Get to know the 2020/21 Seagulls. On two minutes with Josh Warren – riding for The Eastbourne Seagulls Powered by Save Thurrock Hammers speedway in the MSDL league.

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1: What is your favourite track (and why?)

As I’ve only just started riding speedway, I haven’t ridden a lot of tracks yet, but so far Leicester is probably one of my favourites because it’s quite challenging.

2: Who is your favourite rider (and why?)

I would not say I have a favourite rider,  but some who I look up to would have to be Mick Poole, and Danny King because he is helping me loads, and John and Chris Holder.

3: What is the best thing about being a speedway rider?

As I mentioned, I’ve only just begun in my speedway career, but I’m enjoying learning my craft and meeting new people.

4: What is the worst thing about being a speedway rider?

So far there isn’t anything.  I’m enjoying everything.

5. Inside on the white line or hugging the fence?

I’m only just beginning my career, so at this stage I go wherever the bike takes me!

6: Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Danny King and Richie Hawkins have both given me a lot of useful advice for both on and off the track, but I just keep watching the top boys and learn from their positioning on the bike and their track craft.

7: Pre-meeting ritual?

I always make sure that I check my bike before going out, so I have trust in my machine.

8: Biggest achievement of your career so far?

Unfortunately, I haven’t done a lot yet, but I was really happy with winning my first two amateur meetings in the support and novice class.

9: What are your aims and aspirations for the next few seasons?

My main aim is establish myself in a team, in domestic league racing.

10.  Any sponsors to shout out too?

I’d like to say a big  thank you to the people helping me; my Dad who is going above and beyond for me, my Mother , Danny King who is mentoring me alongside Ritchie Hawkins and my Grandad who pushes me to be a better rider and helps out with what I need.

Main image credit: Les Brewin